Contexto Answer for Today (March 20 2024)

We have posted on this website Today's Contexto answer for (March 20 2024). Contexto distinguishes itself as a variation of the renowned Wordle game. In this intriguing adaptation, players are tasked with guessing a word within an unlimited number of attempts, aided by contextual hints related to the secret word. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the app meticulously analyzes each guess, drawing upon an extensive database of texts to reveal the similarity and contextual relevance between the player's guess and the target word. This intelligent feature adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay, keeping players engaged and enhancing their word-solving skills. We have shared below for you Today's Contexto answer for (March 20 2024):

HINT: You can focus on these hints to help you more.

1. The first letter of the answer is: C


2. The last letter of the answer is: E


3. There are 3 vowels in the hidden word:





The act of moving from one point to another; progress; passage.
The ground or path traversed; track; way.
Motion, considered as to its general or resultant direction or to its goal; line progress or advance.
Progress from point to point without change of direction; any part of a progress from one place to another, which is in a straight line, or on one direction; as, a ship in a long voyage makes many courses; a course measured by a surveyor between two stations; also, a progress without interruption or rest; a heat; as, one course of a race.
Motion considered with reference to manner; or derly progress; procedure in a certain line of thought or action; as, the course of an argument.
Customary or established sequence of events; recurrence of events according to natural laws.
Method of procedure; manner or way of conducting; conduct; behavior.
A series of motions or acts arranged in order; a succession of acts or practices connectedly followed; as, a course of medicine; a course of lectures on chemistry.
The succession of one to another in office or duty; order; turn.
That part of a meal served at one time, with its accompaniments.
A continuous level range of brick or stones of the same height throughout the face or faces of a building.
The lowest sail on any mast of a square-rigged vessel; as, the fore course, main course, etc.
The menses.
To run, hunt, or chase after; to follow hard upon; to pursue.
To cause to chase after or pursue game; as, to course greyhounds after deer.
To run through or over.
To run as in a race, or in hunting; to pursue the sport of coursing; as, the sportsmen coursed over the flats of Lancashire.
To move with speed; to race; as, the blood courses through the veins.

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