ZigZag Review – Another 2048?

Its raining? Can’t sleep? or just simply bored? Welcome to Ketchapp’s new addicting game called ZigZag. As we all know Ketchapp is a huge developer for addicting, fun and make you use your head kind of games, And this one is no exception. Being released on January 28th 2015. This is one new game, So get on and work your way up to some high scores before all your friends get a chance. You want to act cool you know, We know.

Basically ZigZag is a very simple game but has its tough spots. The aim of the game is to stay on the wall and do as many ZigZags as you can without falling off. Now you ask, How do we change directions? Glad you asked, Just tap the screen. Our best score was 48, Can you beat us?

zig zag

Thats about it, The game is a fast paced yet really addicting. You’ll find yourself playing with all the free time you have spare (Or you’ll make some free time). As always we like to review FREE games and this is no exception, Grab this one free from the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad and iPod. Unfortunately this isn’t available for the android uses and is not on the Google Play Store.

What are you still doing here? Go download the app. Then of course come back and check another post out ;). See You Later!

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