Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers All Levels

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Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers, Solutions and Cheats for each and every level. If you’re having trouble with the levels from this exciting trivia game then why not use our walkthrough game guide below. This quiz was developed by Ripon Biswas and can be played on both iOS and Android devices. Big fan of WWE? This is the perfect trivia quiz game for you as it’s not only test your ability with wrestlers names but is a good refresh for the new WWE.

Stumbled here without having this game downloaded? Why not head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device and quickly pick up this pro version completely free, Now that’s a deal. If you’re ready to jump into the Answers, Solutions and Cheats for all levels and packs using our walkthrough game guide below.

Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers All Levels

Level 1: Nikki Bella
Level 2: Kalisto
Level 3: The Shield
Level 4: Sting
Level 5: Shane Mcmahon
Level 6: The New Day
Level 7: Sami Zayn
Level 8: The Usos
Level 9: John Cena
Level 10: Rock
Level 11: The Undertaker
Level 12: Triple H
Level 13: Steve Austin
Level 14: Randy Orton
Level 15: Brock Lesnar
Level 16: Sheamus
Level 17: Dolph Ziggler
Level 18: Chris Jericho
Level 19: Cm Punk
Level 20: Big Show

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