Wrestling Female Trivia Answers and Cheats All Levels

Wrestling Female Trivia Answers for all levels and packs. Created by Gopal Chandra Debnath for Android and iOS devices as a free download. Stuck on a particular level? Then fear not as we bring you the full walkthrough guide to each and every level. You a Wrestling UCF Fan? Test out your knowledge in this new trivia word game as you try to top the leaderboards and become the worlds best UFC Female Wrestler. 

Simply whip out your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device now and head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this fun game for free. Can’t get passed a level from one of the many packs? The use our game guide below to get all your cheats and solutions for all the possible combinations.

Wrestling Female Trivia Answers All Levels

Level 1: Brandi Alexander
Level 2: Brittney Savage
Level 3: Brittany Force
Level 4: Brooke Hogan
Level 5: Brooke Tessmacher
Level 6: Bull Nakano
Level 7: A.J.
Level 8: Aksana
Level 9: Alere Little Feather
Level 10: Alicia

Level 11: Alicia Fox
Level 12: Alissa Flash
Level 13: Alundra Blayze
Level 14: Amber O’Neal
Level 15: Amy Weber
Level 16: Angelina Love
Level 17: Angel Orsini
Level 18: April Hunter
Level 19: Ariel (Ana Rocha)
Level 20: Kacee Carlisle

Level 21: Kaitlyn
Level 22: Kameo
Level 23: Kara Slice
Level 24: Karen Angle
Level 25: The Kat
Level 26: Katie Lea
Level 27: Melina Perez
Level 28: Mercedes Martinez
Level 29: Michelle McCool
Level 30: Mickie Knuckles

Level 31: Mickie James
Level 32: Miss Deville
Level 33: Lexxus
Level 34: Lilian Garcia
Level 35: Linda Miles
Level 36: Lita
Level 37: Lolipop
Level 38: Luna Vachon
Level 39: Sable
Level 40: Salinas

Level 41: Sara Del Rey
Level 42: Sarita
Level 43: Sassy Stephanie
Level 44: Savvy Sasha
Level 45: Shaniqua
Level 46: Shantelle Taylor
Level 47: Sharmell
Level 48: Torrie Wilson
Level 49: Traci Brooks
Level 50: Trina Michaels

Level 51: Trinity
Level 52: Trish Stratus
Level 53: Wendi Richter
Level 54: Woman
Level 55: Ariel (Shelly Martinez)
Level 56: Ashley Massaro
Level 57: Ashley Lane
Level 58: Awesome Kong
Level 59: Ayako Hamada
Level 60: Becky Bayless

Level 61: Bertha Faye
Level 62: Beth Phoenix
Level 63: Betsy Ruth
Level 64: Missy Hyatt
Level 65: Molly Holly
Level 66: Mona
Level 67: Moose
Level 68: MsChif
Level 69: Lacey Von Erich
Level 70: Lana Star

Level 71: Lauren
Level 72: Layla
Level 73: Leilani Kai
Level 74: Lexie Fyfe
Level 75: Kelly Kelly
Level 76: Kharma
Level 77: Krissy Vaine
Level 78: Kristal Marshall
Level 79: Madison Eagles
Level 80: Madison Rayne

Level 81: Madusa
Level 82: Malia Hosaka
Level 83: Maria Kanellis
Level 84: Maryse
Level 85: Sherri Martel
Level 86: SoCal Val
Level 87: Sojourner Bolt
Level 88: Stacy Keibler
Level 89: Stephanie McMahon
Level 90: Sunny

Level 91: Susan Starr
Level 92: Sweet Destiny
Level 93: Talia Madison
Level 94: Tara
Level 95: Tiffany
Level 96: Taylor Matheny
Level 97: Taylor Wilde
Level 98: Terri Runnels
Level 99: The Bella Twins
Level 100: Tori

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