Words Sphere Level 8 Solution

Words Sphere is a 3D word trivia puzzle game released by Fine Monkeys. Unlike any other trivia puzzle in Words Sphere you have to to rotate the word sphere until you’ve found the right perspective and you’ll be able to spot the hidden message behind the scrambled letters. The letters are immovable but the player can move the entire screen to 360 degrees while figuring out each level’s solution. The core idea behind this amazing game is not to simply find the correct angle of the letters as the game doesn’t make the words completely clear but instead the aim is to find the spot where all the given letters link up with one another accordingly. Words Sphere is simple, elegant and very easy to play with. The game can be controlled with just one finger. Although the 1000+ levels become quickly challenging and a different obstacle and experience is presented to every level, Words Sphere can keep you entertained for a long time. If you face difficulties with the game here is the solution of the Level 8:

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