Words on Tour – Cheats and Strategy Guide

Have you heard about the bird? No silly. Though on an unrelated topic Zynga has launched quite an amazing puzzle game on iOS and Android Play Store, Called ‘Words on Tour’. Zynga of course is the makers of the hit games ‘Words with Friends’. This puzzler challenges the player to complete stage after stage of word finding puzzles and get three yes three star ratings while travelling ‘the world’. Though its not as easy as it seems, in fact its quite difficult, Thats where we come in, We’ll guide you through with some tips and cheats to help you win all the levels and grab those three star rewards!

As you probably already know (if you downloaded the game already) that its not the easiest of games, well after the first 15 levels, But of course there doable. Anyway lets stop wasting time and get you 10cc of Words on Tour tips and cheats.


Tip 1: Go for loong words

Of course you are allowed to find three or even two letters words, but there not going to help you as much as you think, Take your time and suss it out a bit to score yourself the longest word possible. Though none of this is necessary if you are on the ‘create the phrase’ level which means you only need one letter. Though remember longer the word more points you earn and that in return gives you a better chance of completing the levels.

Tip 2: Carefully use Special Characters

Whenever you fill the bonus meter, You will receive a special character which can prove insanely useful for your game, So don’t waste it and make sure you get the most out of it. The best advice we can give you is to use it in a word that either clears the longest possible line or gives you access to do a difficult letter you need to complete a phrase. Good thing about these is that there is no need to hurry and use them, you can keep them on the board until the end, Just make sure its worth it.

Tip 3: Remove Blockers

Don’t you hate it when people are in your way? Well you ain’t gonna like these darn bricks that block your way, Do your best to create words around them in order to remove them as fast as possible. They take some valuable real estate, That space could be used to fill up with more letters, So focus on removing these as soon as possible.



One pet peeve on a game is a timer, Best thing to do is take in the game and look for the best letters you can make. So luckily Words on Tour has no time limit so that means no need to rush, Take as long as you need to find the best possible combinations, And double check to see if there are other options available and that you’ve got the best one.

Tip 5: Cheat with Word Solvers

Now its not much fun ‘cheating’ but if you are really stuck and you cannot go any further there are various word solvers on the internet, Which will allow you to enter a bunch of letters and they will suggest the best possible combinations for you. We at AppCheating recommend Word Solver. For example enter 8 or even 9 letters that are close by into the word solver and see what comes out, And obviously go for the longer word as this will create a better score. Though remember this will make the game boring but is a great way to get a huge word for tons of points.


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