Words on Fridge Answers and Cheats All Levels

Words on Fridge Answers and Cheats for all levels. We bring you a full walkthrough game guide for all levels and packs. Created by Black Maple Games this game comes as a free download for both iOS and Android devices. With 36 languages to play and hundreds of levels this is a word trivia game that you’ll need to pick up, Similar to Word Cookies, Words on Fridge is a great puzzle game which has it’s challenges.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a word trivia champion? Test your knowledge has never been more fun. Whether you’re a fan of Word Donuts or Word Cookies, This game is fairly similar and darn fun. Give it a go now to have fun.

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device you’ll sure be able to get your hands on this game from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store for free. If you’re stuck on a level look no further than our walkthrough guide below which will help you not only solve the levels to this pack but every other pack. Let’s dive into the answers.

Words on Fridge Answers All Levels

Words on Fridge Answers Levels 1-150

Words on Fridge answers level 1-20

Zebra, crystal, organ, length, isthmus, pearl, map, mill, dome, comet. Allegory, meteor shower, cocoa, compass, miniature, Egypt, noodles, xylophone, cubism, hypnosis.

Words on Fridge answers level 21-40

Anesthesia, planet, caravan, crossroads, crane, backbone, inscription, height, crossword, flamethrower. Galley, centaur, paintbrush, sesame, climate, gramophone, touch, history, fortunetelling, Europe.

Words on Fridge answers level 41-80

Gunpowder, killer whale, news, seedling, photomontage, nymph, flounder, confectioner, octave, italics. Avalanche, coral, classmate, adrenaline, joker, betrothal, collection, alchemy, mammoth, mannequin. Puddle, astronaut, messenger, volume, ballast, still life, opera, pendulum, passenger, deer. Wallpaper, meditation, ruins, baritone, chain armor, lottery, lighting, olfaction, lagoon, contrast.

Words on Fridge answers level 81-150

Cartography, tide, blizzard, witchcraft, twins, highway, harpsichord, cocoon, meridian, orchestra. Vaccine, ice cream, labyrinth, waltz, crocodile, oceanography, iguana, olympics, translation, neuron. Kitchen, laboratory, bell, swimming, pedestrian, clover, percent, navigation, poison, prophet. Bas-relief, tax, Tuesday, acupuncture, lasagne, universe, tuning fork, hood, combine, kaleidoscope. Vet, carousel, tenderness, hunter, werewolf, tuning fork, cell, linoleum, woodpecker, muscle. Percent, cardiology, frog, shipyard, ravine, bass, painting, well, canyon, pawnshop. Genius, week, industry, dragon, melody, hedgehog, pump, pride, carnival, oasis,

The 36 Languages include: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Philippines, Vietnamese and more.

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