WordPuzzle Answers and Cheats All Levels

WordPuzzle Answers and Solutions for every level and pack. This game is developed by MetaFun Games and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re stuck on one level or the lot this walkthrough game guide below will help you solve all the possible cheats and answers for all levels. Sharpen your vocab in this new exciting word trivia puzzle game which will test your knowledge in a whole new way with a ton of puzzles and hundreds of levels.

This game is perfect for those iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices running the latest firmware. This game can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free now. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and download this cool game. If you’re struggling then use our walkthrough game guide for the help you need.

WordPuzzle Answers All Levels

WordPuzzle answers Vegetable

Yam, nut, pea, beet, okra, kale, taro, leaf, corn, spud.
Dill, bean, leek, anise, chive, tuber, jojoba, endive, sorrel, sprout.
Lovage, fennel, salsify, romaine, atemoya, comfrey, caraway, haricot, rhubarb, truffele.
Agarics, rampion, ccucumber, celeriac, kohlrabi, angelica, pokeweed, broccoli, rutabaga, scallion.
Beetroot, arrowroot, carambola, groundnut, radicchio, sapodilla, aubergine, artichoke, dandelion, courgette. Succotash, tomatillo, begetable, persimmon, asparagus, watercress, jaboticaba, cauliflower, horseradish, sarsaparilla. Turnip garlic, alfalfa salsa, brinjal, gourd, peanut, peapod, pumpkin basil, celtuce, orach, burdock maize, edible ginseng, cabbage pepper, collard radish.
Celery parsnip, garbanzo laver, smallage, cress, cardoon lentil , lettuce pickle, mushroom onion, amaranth olive, zucchini pecan, sea grape caper, daikon parsley.
Spinach potato, arugula carrot, paprika citron, pimiento glove, shallot tomato, cilantro chard.

WordPuzzle answers Fruit

Pit, haw, fig, pear, skin, ripe, tart, peel, pulp, duke.
Plum, lime, date, kiwi, melon, bryony, raisin, walnut, pomelo, ginkgo.
Cumquat, satsuma, rambutan, blueberry, carambola, cranberry, pineapple, starfruit, greengage, nectarine. Cherimoya, persimmon, tangerine, raspberry, jackfruit, cloudberry, vermillion, cantaloupe, redcurrant, watermelon.
Strawberry, goodseberry, mangosteen, blackberry, clementine, grapefruit, seasonable, perishable, elderberry, boysenberry.
Dragonfruit, pomegranate, huckleberry, blackcurrant, passionfruit, cherry codlin, banana damson, foxnut papaya, durian lichee, feijoa almond.
Tender, kernel, filbert jujube, kumquat loquat, quince, bullance, coconut, bennett, currant sapote, tangos, avocado, beechunt guava, betel nut areca.
Oleaster lemon, shaddock fruit, apricot orange, arbutus longan, sultana casaba, mulberry olive, bilberry prune, bergamot peach, citrange, apple.

WordPuzzle answers Tree

Fig, fir, gum, ash, elm, oak, yew, ring, palm, cone, flag.
Pine, lone, teak ,date, frog, bark wood, tree, bole, knot, ipil.
Weep, bast, pear, twig, root, lauan, lilac, larch, pecan, beech.
Maple, flame, locust, poplar, loquat, sprout, pawpaw, orange, walnut, mimosa.
Acacia, coconut, conifer, wingnut, cambium, dogwood, leafage, camphor, apricot, palmetto.
Mangrove, firmiana, ironwood, slippery, cortices, crabapple, butternut, evergreen, persimmon, oleoresin. witch hazel, timberline, flamboyant, ecucalyptus, elderberry, grapefruit, resorcinol, blackthorn, cottonwood, plexiglass.
Abelee stump, mountainash, arborescent, serviceberry, jungle cycad, scotch, plant, arborization, encina, ivory, spruce bodhi, arabin cedar.
Sequoia kapok, quince chicle, cypress, grove, juniper shrub, silver pomona, hickory arbor, gingko redbud, aspe catalpa, willow banyan.
Treetop bower, pinaster osier, buckeye myrtle, chestnut betel, redwood almond, ebony viburnum, lentisk tupelo, peach mulberry, privet kumquat, loblolly olive.
Sapling linden, hemlock bamboo, sweet gum pitch, mahogany hedge, branch tapioca, magnolia elder, camellia birch, taproot cherry, forest filbert.

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