WordBrain Penguin Pack All Answers

Are you in the mood for a bit of happy feet? NO? WordBrain Penguin is next up on the least of helpful answers to get you buzzing through the hit game WordBrain currently free now from your respective App Store.

Move your finger over each letter to create a word. Think this sounds easy? Wait till we get further down the pipeline.

Download WordBrain from the iOS iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and many Android Devices on the Google Play Store.

WordBrain was created by MAG Interactive and is a seriously addicting puzzle game. What are we waiting for? Lets get to the WordBrain Penguin Pack Answers.


  1. Table Record North
  2. Cupboard Oval Roof
  3. Lantern Ask Barrel
  4. Pencil Earth Sheep
  5. Celery Thick Slide
  6. Tongue Mirror Crow
  7. Trophy Nurse Melon
  8. Butter Bacon Drink
  9. Meat Sheep Bat Card
  10. Bag Nut Dream Cabin
  11. Gloves Bag Keyring
  12. Goat Bullet Orange
  13. Hatchet Nut Stilts
  14. Flag Neck Starfish
  15. Switch Drink Piano
  16. Trombone Tricycle
  17. Roof Empty Jump Tin
  18. Card Necktie Spray
  19. Saw Hen Crow Finger
  20. Scissors Wink Heel

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