Wordbrain Dinosaur Answers

Wordbrain Dinosaur Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the new update to the hit game WordBrain. Wordbrain is created by Mag Interactive and is available to download on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store absolutely free, Score. So, He’s the sitch, WordBrain has released new packs including Dinosaur, Dragon, Monster, Robot and Unicorn boards and it’s our obligation to obviously answers all these, So we are!! 😉

WordBrain Dinosaur Answers, Cheats and Solutions for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Lets jump into the answers.

WordBrain Dinosaur Answers:

Dinosaur Level 1
Pirate, Odd, Canoe, Fan, Earring, Dentist, Compass, Crown, Bed, Big, Porridge, Fist, Dog

Dinosaur Level 2
Salt, Scale, Salute, Toilet, Faucet, Suitcase, Cyclops, Fish, Cookie, Kite, Melon, Pie

Dinosaur Level 3
Horse, Log, Stairs, Pigsty, Broom, Feather, Wolf, Doctor, Label, Soap, Candle, Biscuit

Dinosaur Level 4
Bite, Birthday, Sink, Boot, Shin, Multiply, Rope, Cow, Wide, Doll, Turtle, Chimney, Moth

Dinosaur Level 5
Bomb, Umbrella, Piano, Book, Center, Hammer, Balloon, Monkey, Pipe, File, Mouth, Lemon

Dinosaur Level 6
Surgery, Oval, Shoulder, Carrot, Gap, Cane, Chainsaw, Corner, Bedroom, Fly, Paint, Tin

Dinosaur Level 7
Tree, Church, Shallow, Banana, Tug, Haystack, Bolt, Down, Plate, Skull, Pumpkin, Sheep

Dinosaur Level 8
Golf, Pepper, Shower, Hen, Mailbox, Peach, Edge, Scarf, Whisper, Eyeball, Straw, Plane

Dinosaur Level 9
Pencil, Switch, Rooster, Puzzle, Bald, Zipper, Fin, Eat, Elbow, Moon, Planet, Bacon, Sun

Dinosaur Level 10
Sad, Thin, Talk, Mushroom, Whistle, Dog, Glue, Square, Medal, Whale, Fence, Crack, Globe

Dinosaur Level 11
Empty, Vitamin, Apple, Root, Bathroom, Female, Thumb, Ask, Duck, Iron, Fang, Canoe, Corn

Dinosaur Level 12
Jump, Faucet, Goat, Marble, Snail, Fork, Left, Meat, Chin, Comb, Male, Timber, Tall, Witch

Dinosaur Level 13
Bed, Snowman, Profit, Pump, Trophy, Sword, Collar, Gloves, Joker, Drink, Rocket, Glass

Dinosaur Level 14
Ask, Shovel, Ladder, Stairs, Cake, Napkin, Slippers, Saw, Cucumber, Window, Boot, Mast

Dinosaur Level 15
Negative, Full, Bell, Toaster, Kite, Cannon, Tent, Patient, Brush, Pen, File, Broom, Eye

Dinosaur Level 16
Sink, Shield, Cup, Upstairs, Trousers, Boots, Earring, Angle, Log, Toilet, Steak, Card

Dinosaur Level 17
Aerial, Tomato, Mast, Record, Target, Skirt, Sausage, Blouse, Doorbell, Wing, Flower

Dinosaur Level 18
Robot, Bat, Tie, Dart, Corner, Noose, Grapes, Teapot, Church, Melon, Bee, Sheriff, Fruit

Dinosaur Level 19
Peace, Money, Puzzle, Board, Stern, Turtle, Butcher, Hook, Chimney, Box, Hatchet, Wink

Dinosaur Level 20
Japan, Question, Lava, Cat, Cork, Arrow, Wink, Buckle, Cart, Magnet, Wolf, Coconut, Game

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