WordBrain Answers All Level Packs 4

This is the fourth and final page full of amazing and great answers for WordBrain. So basically thank you for choosing us and hope to see you all again soon. Enjoy the rest of the answers below.


WordBrain Answers Page 1: Ant/Spider/Snail/Crab/Frog/Turtle/Penguin – Levels
WordBrain Answers Page 2: Snake/Sheep/Shark/Cat/Elephant/Whale/Octopus – Levels
WordBrain Answers Page 3: Pig/Lion/Squirrel/Owl/Monkey/Student/Clown/Waiter/Policemen/Chef
WordBrain Answers Page 4: Teacher/Doctor/Astronaut/Scientist/Alien/



WordBrain Answers Teacher Level Pack:
Teacher Level 1: Monster, Mast, Raincoat, Heel, Infinity, Cream, Envelope, Skirt
Teacher Level 2: Cup, Scar, Thick, Ruler, Football, Fly, Roof, Scale, Fulltab, Shout
Teacher Level 3: Lemon, Clown, TV, Barrel, Cyclops, Hook, Sawdust, Elevator, Lorry
Teacher Level 4: Tie, Cereal, Face, Chicken, Barrel, Chair, Medal, Mast, Cane, Kayak
Teacher Level 5: Silo, Mince, Overbite, Cup, Jump, Whale, Sail, Trombone, Thumb, Jam
Teacher Level 6: Saucer, Pyramid, Stern, Earth, Scale, Mouth, Tall, Owl, Cabin, Comb
Teacher Level 7: Necklace, DART, Plate, Elephant, Eraser, Egg, Suitcase, Whistle
Teacher Level 8: Cup, Scar, Thick, Ruler, Football, Fly, Roof, Scale, Pulltab, Shout
Teacher Level 9: Chin, Petal, Carrot, Headband, Down, Flagpole, Cufflink, Cheese
Teacher Level 11: Toaster, House, Laugh, Owl, Window, Anvil, Flower, Sword, Monster
Teacher Level 12: Pencil, Rifle, Tug, Suugar, Angle, Kite, Barbell, Bomb, Sickle, Root
Teacher Level 13: Sad, Prism, Bacon, Heart, Swan, Cheese, Grenade, Safe, Dress, Spray
Teacher Level 14: Bacon, Flag, Brick, Slippers, Jam, Cashier, Wing, Elephant, Ghost
Teacher Level 15: Book, Pepper, Sink, Cookie, Hen, Dentist, Church, smile, suitcase
Teacher Level 16: Necklace, Rifle, Owl, Necktie, Path, North, Dinosaur, Ruler, Bell,
Teacher Level 17: Doorbell, Deep, Buckle, Crown, Soap, Pump, Knuckle, Painter, Dice
Teacher Level 18: Sofa, Honey , Barbell, Boot, Plum, Cookie, Center, Pumpkin, Pencil
Teacher Level 19: Showwer, Handball, Turtle, Trowel, Tail, Swing, Icicle, Vertical

WordBrain Answers Doctor Level Pack:
Doctor Level 1: Palm, Nose, Bacon, Waffle, Wing, Duckling, Full, Mountain, Rocket
Doctor Level 2: Dice, Tooth, Handball, Wheel, Bed, plum, Doorbell, Umbrella, Shin
Doctor Level 3: Haystack, Tennis, Tug, Punch, Saw, Stern, Window, Jacket, Surgery
Doctor Level 4: Compass, Igloo, Football, Trophy, Thin, Gloves, Root, Sign, Sword
Doctor Level 5: Loop, Fish, Swing, Doctor, Overlap, South, Turtle, Drip, Knife, Jar
Doctor Level 6: Tug, Shield, Odd, Sink, Teapot, Barbell, Mouse, Kick, Skis, Vampire
Doctor Level 7: Chainsaw, Lawn, Bedroom, Pancake, Patient, Moss, Neck, Cup, Witch
Doctor Level 8: Scarf, Flagpole, Maze, Teapot, Table, Multiply, Cactus, Kitchen
Doctor Level 9: Root, Flagpole, Bat, Silo, Smile, Eraser, Doghouse, Dream, Paddle
Doctor Level 10: Silo, Talk, Chair, Aerial, Cemetery, Swan, Lorry, Icicle, Necktie
Doctor Level 11: Igloo, Brick, Doorbell, Goat, Butcher, Brush, Wide, Record, South
Doctor Level 12: Duck, Corn, Witch, Cereal, Tepee, Oar, cat, Block, Jacket, Customer
Doctor Level 13: Pliers, Lapel, Knee, Crown, Saucer, Robot, Talk, Shoelace, Faucet
Doctor Level 14: Boot, Doll, Patient, Pen, Bat, Painter, Skull, Shoes, Kayak, Pigsty
Doctor Level 15: Fist, Cabbage, haystack, Straw, Jam, Petal, Umbrella, Sugar, Jump
Doctor Level 16: Glass, Mast, Apple, Saucer, Muscle, Left, Ghost, Pie, Bread, Anchor
Doctor Level 17: Trowel, Turtle, File, Shout, Edge, Timber, Church, Middle, Puzzle
Doctor Level 18: Suitcase, Heel, Purse, Loop, Paddle, Cupboard, Mountain , Faucet
Doctor Level 19: Purse, Idea, Carrot, Field, Dart, Onion, Scissors, Smile, Pulltab
Doctor Level 20: Mail, Horse, Bat, Balloon, Helmet, Bee, Monster, File, Safe, Tennis

WordBrain Answers Astronaut Level Pack:
Astronaut Level 1: Well, Percent, Infinity, Hen, Face, Tie, Cork, Question, Music, Jug
Astronaut Level 2: Bedroom, Chin, Bomb, Salute, Hatchet, Path, Bullet, Beard
Astronaut Level 3: Lorry, Tin, Face, Saucer, Cucumber, Jug, Snowman, Pen, Shoes, Prism
Astronaut Level 4: Bell, Gap, Goat, Pulltab, Pumpkin, Sing, String, Talk, Shovel, Soup
Astronaut Level 5: Lawn, Sock, Orange, Magnet, Hat, Shoelace, Kitchen, Game, Belt, Sun
Astronaut Level 6: Cap, Whisper, Teardrop, Icicle, Balls, Lava, Swan, Shallow, Dream
Astronaut Level 7: Dustbin, Gun, Purse, Surgery, Oar, Onions, Shoes, Timber, Compass
Astronaut Level 8: Smile, Monster, Collar, Spinach, Punch, Cake, Piano, Loop, Pencil
Astronaut Level 9: Middle, Path, Egg, Biscuit, Odd, Sandpit, Bread, Kayak, Comb, Smell
Astronaut Level 10: Turtle, Chain, Triplets, Floor, Trousers, Wink, Thin, Laugh, Drip
Astronaut Level 11: Stern, Knee, Windmill, Toilet, Cereal, Witch, Cabbage, pear, Heel
Astronaut Level 12: Pipe, Money, Cactus, Question, Wink, Balls, Church, Arrow, Stereo
Astronaut Level 13: Napkin, Orange, Twins, Faucet, Clam, Tomato, Eye, Butter, Bedroom
Astronaut Level 14: Tall, Snowman, Earth, Mince, Record, Mouse, Collar, Padlock, Down
Astronaut Level 15: Tug, Gloves, Skis, Trophy, Duckling, Tv, Planet, Celery, Plane, Cap
Astronaut Level 16: Keyring, Percent, Tennis, Earring, Pie, Shovel, Card, Elbow, Sing
Astronaut Level 17: Cart, Neck, Buckle, Tennis, Sign, Ferry, Aerial, Bolt, Toilet, Bald
Astronaut Level 18: Anchor, Cabin, cabin, Raincoat, Lorry, Sock, Floor, Path, Turtle, Tennis
Astronaut Level 19: Pumpkin, Golf, Cake, Kick, Record, Female, Idea, Edge, Ship, Eraser
Astronaut Level 20: Customer, Scales, Shark, Trunk, Canoe, Spinach, Vitamin, Potato

WordBrain Answers Scientist Level Pack:
Scientist Level 1: Jam, Odd, Block, Salute, yacht, Napkin, Sawoust, Saw, Barrel, House
Scientist Level 2: Flagpole, Right, Woopile, Eyeball, Lapel, Butter, Lawn, Saw, Fin
Scientist Level 3: Paddle, Heel, Angle, Balls, Bow, Gun, Elbow, Rope, Kitchen, Pear, Fin
Scientist Level 4: Bell, Anchor, Eagle, Customer, Meat, Bedroom, Starfish, Spinach
Scientist Level 5: Angle, Brush, Football, Teardrop, Barrel, Fist, Cufflink, Knife
Scientist Level 6: Male, Bullet, Neck, Moon, Glue, Peace, Rocket, Belt, Purse, Whistle
Scientist Level 7: Duckling, Flagpole, Bag, Cheek, Dominoes, Knife, Bolt, Plate, Log
Scientist Level 8: Tricycle, Sink, Haystack, Porridge, Honey, Plate, Pillar, Cabin
Scientist Level 9: Divide, South, Mittens, Grapes, Cake, Rabbit, Cashier, Shoulder,
Scientist Level 10: House, Bathroom, Paddle, Japan, Think, Safe, Cane, Windmill, Lawn
Scientist Level 11: Lemon, Cupboard, Bread, Customer, Magnet, Iron, Drill, Slippers
Scientist Level 12: Profit, Corn, Mail, Carrot, Angle, File, Sing, Bathroom, Unicycle
Scientist Level 13: Overbite, Mailbox, Shin, Tepee, Cupboard, Pumpkin, Skull, Scarf
Scientist Level 14: Napkin, Glue, Necklace, Question, Rocket, Raincoat, Panda, Comb
Scientist Level 15: Barn, Dress, Chain, Lava, Rope, Umbrella, Spoon, Jug, Brush, Faucet
Scientist Level 16: Ball, Kitten, Nail, Knee, Laugh, Blow, Cookie, Chin, Period, Monkey
Scientist Level 17: Hen, Bullet, Cane, Peach, Axe, Balloon, Silo, Sheriff, Beard, Think,
Scientist Level 18: Vitamin, Dream, Pipe, Bread, Lapel, Honey, Ball, Hoe, Female, Beard
Scientist Level 19: Anchor, Funnel, Tv, Sandpit, Puzzle, Soap, Mouse, Coconut, Saucer
Scientist Level 20: Salute, Buckle, Football, Saddle, Big, Bell, Boots, Beard, Orange

WordBrain Answers Alien Level Pack:
Alien Level 1Alien Level Dynamite, Rabbit, Steak, Path, Cheek, Feather, Trousers, Collar
Alien Level 2Alien Level Elephant, Bomb, Lolipop, Talk, Fence, Igloo, Box, Cyclops, Cabin
Alien Level 3Alien Level Slide, Tall, Middle, Listen, Joker, Eagle, Fism, Peach, Pen, Trowel
Alien Level 4Alien Level Skirt, Trousers, Dinosaur, Question, Bow, Heart, Flagpole, Cube
Alien Level 5Alien Level Skirt, Corner, Soap, Turtle, Scooter, Happy, House, Board, Tongue
Alien Level 6Alien Level Sock, Teapot, Pancake, Think, Maze, Center, Lorry, Olive, Sheriff
Alien Level 7Alien Level Boots, Olive, Missile, Meat, Saw, Clown, Tweezers, Pump, Saucepan
Alien Level 8Alien Level Switch, Jump, Kitten, Stereo, Lemon, Cream, Stern, Kick, Medicine
Alien Level 9Alien Level Mailbox, Punch, Hook, Chain, Scooter, Shirt, Meat, Cherry, Tennis
Alien Level 10Alien Level Bedroom, Elk, Straw, Launch, Cufflink, Noose, Jam, Path, Envelope
Alien Level 11Alien Level Chainsaw, Banana, Ladybug, Book, Stinger, Cstle, Think, Flower

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