Word Tailor Answers All Levels and Solutions

Word Tailor Answers All Levels. We’ve solve the Word Tailor Solutions to bring you a full walkthrough game guide to solve each and every level to help you complete this level and the whole game itself. This game is created by Word Tailor Games and can be downloaded on all iOS and Android devices for free.

Find the answers and solutions to each level by swiping over the letters to form the correct word. Similar to that of Word Cookies but featuring more levels and more fun, What more can one ask for? If you haven’t got this game then head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and download this word trivia game for free on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android device now.

Word Tailor Answers All Levels

Word Tailor Answers Levels 1-60

1 As, ask.
2. Am, map.
3. We, me, mew.
4. By, be, bye.
5. Of, or, for.
6. Us, sue, use.
7. It, is, sit, its.
8. No, on, in, ion.
9. At, ate, eat, tea.
10. No, on, won, now.

11. An, at, ant.
12. Ray, rag, gray.
13. Go, or, row, grow.
14. In, ice, nice.
15. Tie, lie, let, lite.
16. Am, me, male, meal.
17. At, as, rat, art, arts, rats, star.
18. Me, it, tie, item, time, emit.
19. Cap, pat, act, cat, tap, pact.
20. In, is, ski, ink, inks, sink, skin.

Word Tailor Answers Levels 21-60

21. By, buy, rub, ruby.
22. Go, do, god, dog, old, gold.
23. Am, me, age, game, mage, mega.
24. Ace, ape, cap, pea, cape, pace.
25. As, saw, has, ash, was, wash.
26. To, so, pot, top, post, stop.
27. Am, an, men, man, mean, name.
28. At, tea, tap, pet, pat, eat, tape.
29. An, ear, are, ran, earn, near.
30. On, no, pen, one, nope, pone, open.

31. We, war, raw, era, ear, are, wear.
32. Or, on, no, to, ton, rot, not, torn.
33. Am, me, at, tea, mat, eat, meat, mate, team.
34. On, no, net, ten, toe, not, one, note.
35. At, as, tea, set, sea, eat, seat, east.
36. Ice, vice, voice.
37. My, me, merry.
38. Give, given.
39. It, hit, tick, thick.
40 .We, he, lie, while.

Word Tailor Answers Levels 41-60

41. It, hit, him, might.
42. As, am, all, mall, slam, small.
43. See, sees, seen, sense.
44. It, at, ail, via, tail, vital.
45. So, he, she, hoe, hoes, shoe, shoes.
46. Am, mad, arm, drama.
47. It, if, hit, fit, fifth.
48. See, seen, seek, knee, knees.
49. We, he, her, were, here, where.
50. Is, in, sin, ice, ices, nice, since.

51. It, in, tin, nut, unit, until.
52. On, no, in, go, iom, gon, going.
53. Me, see, seees, seem, mess, seems.
54. On, no, own, now, know, known.
55. As, has, ash, all, hall, shall.
56. Tie, quit, quiet, quite.
57. Us, duty, dust, study.
58. all, coal, call, local.
59. Us, is, sum, music.
60. To, at, lot, total.

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