Word Saying-Idioms & Proverbs Answers and Cheats

Stuck needing the Answers and Cheats to the hit new game Word Saying – Phrases, Idioms and Proverbs by Smart Up Inc? We’ve solved each and every level and pack so you don’t have to. Word Saying is a insanely addictive game that’s just hit the iOS and Android app stores and is ready to download on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, Completely free.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Word Saying champ then you’ve come to the right game. Similar to other word brain games, Word Saying tests players knowledge with Phrases, Idioms, Proverbs, Quotes, Sayings and many more. Being extremely difficult its a given that you’ll need help answering and this is where we come into play. With 30 Packs and a whole 580 Levels, We’ll sure be here a while. Let’s jump straight into the Word Saying – Brain Power Quiz Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs now.

Word Saying Answers:

[su_box title=”Word Saying Baby Pack Answers:”]Level 1: Come On!
Level 2: Night Owl
Level 3: Fairy Tale
Level 4: Early Bird
Level 5: Hot Potato
Level 6: Easy As Pie
Level 7: Dark Horse
Level 8: Lucky Dog
Level 9: Heads Up
Level 10: Red Rose[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Walker Pack Answers:”]Level 11: Day Time
Level 12: All Ears
Level 13: In the Bag
Level 14: Swan Song
Level 15: Old Story
Level 16: Love Birds
Level 17: Last Straw
Level 18: On the Nose
Level 19: Cry Wolf
Level 20: High Five[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Slide Pack Answers:”]Level 21: Nest Egg
Level 22: Sad Dog
Level 23: Go Dutch
Level 24: At Stake
Level 25: Hurry Up!
Level 26: Blue Moon
Level 27: South Paw
Level 28: On the Dot
Level 29: No Problem
Level 30: Kill Time
Level 31: Cold Fish
Level 32: Duck Soup
Level 33: No Picnic
Level 34: White Lie
Level 35: Calm Down
Level 36: Funny Farm
Level 37: Green Room
Level 38: Up to Speed
Level 39: Wind Power
Level 40: Good Luck![/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Story Pack Answers:”]Level 41: Dry Run
Level 42: Top Dog
Level 43: On the Go
Level 44: Off Day
Level 45: For Sale
Level 46: Chow Down
Level 47: Due Time
Level 48: Talk Big
Level 49: Next Door
Level 50: Talk Shop
Level 51: All for It
Level 52: Price Tag
Level 53: Lone Wolf
Level 54: In the Pink
Level 55: Soft Soap
Level 56: Knock Off
Level 57: By the Book
Level 58: Front Page
Level 59: Wag the Dog
Level 60: Well Done![/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Bag Pack Answers:”]Level 61: Pick Up
Level 62: Old Hand
Level 63: Bull Dog
Level 64: Field Day
Level 65: Pipe Down
Level 66: Dead Easy
Level 67: Fire Sale
Level 68: Sore Spot
Level 69: Of Course
Level 70: Time Flies!
Level 71: Green Belt
Level 72: On the Ball
Level 73: Blue Blood
Level 74: Go Ahead
Level 75: On the Nail
Level 76: Break Even
Level 77: Never Mind
Level 78: Green Bean
Level 79: Fish Story
Level 80: Nice Going![/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Bus Pack Answers:”]Level 81: Hands Down
Level 82: Dead Dog
Level 83: Swear Word
Level 84: Stand By
Level 85: In Love
Level 86: Down Pour
Level 87: Fair Play
Level 88: No Kidding
Level 89: Jay Walk
Level 90: Bad Egg
Level 91: Old Chap
Level 92: All At Sea
Level 93: White Flag
Level 94: Tall Story
Level 95: Small Talk
Level 96: Red Tape
Level 97: At Hand
Level 98: Big Shot
Level 99: Last Word
Level 100: Thank You![/su_box]

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[su_box title=”Word Saying School Pack Answers:”]
Level 101: Love Is Blind
Level 102: Brown Sugar
Level 103: Good As Gold
Level 104: Credit Card
Level 105: When Pigs Fly
Level 106: Heart and Soul
Level 107: Walls Have Ears
Level 108: Apple of My Eye
Level 109: Take It Easy
Level 110: Flea Market
Level 111: Off the Hook
Level 112: Trolley Bus
Level 113: Sink or Swim
Level 114: Black Friday
Level 115: Break the Ice
Level 116: Odds and Ends
Level 117: Time Will Tell
Level 118: Thunder Storm
Level 119: Head Over Heels
Level 120: Happy New Year![/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Bell Pack Answers:”]Level 121: Gut Feeling
Level 122: Over the Top
Level 123: Cut Corners
Level 124: Down and Out
Level 125: On the Ropes
Level 126: Bell the Cat
Level 127: Less Is More
Level 128: Buckle Down
Level 129: Tie the Knot
Level 130: Slow but Sure
Level 131: Time Is Money
Level 132: Knock on Wood
Level 133: Loose Cannon
Level 134: Pull the Plug
Level 135: Rule of Thumb
Level 136: Use Your Loaf
Level 137: Down to Earth
Level 138: Knuckle Down
Level 139: Bite the Dust
Level 140: Play on Words[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Teacher Pack Answers:”]Level 141: Extremes Meet
Level 142: Live and Learn
Level 143: Tastes Differ
Level 144: Know the Ropes
Level 145: Off the Record
Level 146: Out of the Blue
Level 147: Rise and Shine
Level 148: Ugly Duckling
Level 149: Murder Will Out
Level 150: Neck or Nothing
Level 151: Promise Is Debt
Level 152: Cut to the Chase
Level 153: Flash in the Pan
Level 154: Lend Me Your Ear
Level 155: On the Same Page
Level 156: Run Out of Steam
Level 157: Zero Tolerance
Level 158: Cut the Mustard
Level 159: Sit on the Fence
Level 160: Man of Few Words[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Book Pack Answers:”]
Level 161: Quick and Dirty
Level 162: Shot in the Dark
Level 163: Under Your Nose
Level 164: Easy Come Easy Go
Level 165: In Full Swing
Level 166: Live and Let Live
Level 167: No Pains No Gains
Level 168: Opinions Differ
Level 169: Poverty Is No Sin
Level 170: Bite Your Tongue
Level 171: Go the Extra Mile
Level 172: Hold Your Horses
Level 173: Icing on the Cake
Level 174: Keep Your Chin Up
Level 175: Long in the Tooth
Level 176: Over My Dead Body
Level 177: Pick Up Your Ears
Level 178: Merry Christmas!
Level 179: Quick on the Draw
Level 180: All Covet All Lose[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Stationary Pack Answers:”]Level 181: As Like As Two Peas
Level 182: As Old As the Hills
Level 183: Bad News Has Wings
Level 184: By Hook or By Crook
Level 185: Grasp All Lose All
Level 186: Haste Makes Waste
Level 187: Last but Not Least
Level 188: Like Draws to Like
Level 189: Love Me Love My Dog
Level 190: Make Haste Slowly
Level 191: Money Has No Smell
Level 192: New Lords New Laws
Level 193: One Lie Makes Many
Level 194: Waste Not Want Not
Level 195: Might Makes Right
Level 196: Against the Clock
Level 197: Back to Square One
Level 198: Close but No Cigar
Level 199: Pedal to the Metal[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Student Pack Answers:”]Level 200: Under the Weather
Level 201: Let Your Hair Down
Level 202: No Man Is an Island
Level 203: Crime Does Not Pay
Level 204: Dog Does Not Eat Dog
Level 205: From Pillar to Post
Level 206: Ignorance Is Bliss
Level 207: Much Will Have More
Level 208: No Flying From Fate
Level 209: No News Is Good News
Level 210: Plenty Is No Plague
Level 211: Time Works Wonders
Level 212: Old Habits Die Hard
Level 213: Add Fuel to the Fire
Level 214: All Bark and No Bite
Level 215: Cry Over Spilt Milk
Level 216: From Rags to Riches
Level 217: New Kid on the Block
Level 218: On Pins and Needles
Level 219: Start From Scratch
Level 220: Make Both Ends Meet[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Astronomy Pack Answers:”]Level 221: Every Dog Has His Day
Level 222: Lies Have Short Legs
Level 223: Like Father Like Son
Level 224: Look Before You Leap
Level 225: The Fat Is in the Fire
Level 226: The More the Merrier
Level 227: It Takes Two to Tango
Level 228: Off on the Wrong Foot
Level 229: Fight Fire with Fire
Level 230: Clothes Make the Man
Level 231: Teach the Dog to Bark
Level 232: All Roads Lead to Rome
Level 233: Delays Are Dangerous
Level 234: Easier Said Than Done
Level 235: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Level 236: Once Bitten Twice Shy
Level 237: Soon Ripe Soon Rotten
Level 238: Still Waters Run Deep
Level 239: Time Cures All Things
Level 240: Bad News Travels Fast[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Chess Pack Answers:”]Level 241: When It Rains It Pours
Level 242: Burn the Midnight Oil
Level 243: Hope Springs Eternal
Level 244: Cold Hands Warm Heart
Level 245: Better Early Than Late
Level 246: Better Late Than Never
Level 247: Charity Begins At Home
Level 248: Every Jack Has His Jill
Level 249: Necessity Knows No Law
Level 250: Neither Fish nor Flesh
Level 251: Neither Here nor There
Level 252: New Brooms Sweep Clean
Level 253: Out of Sight Out of Mind
Level 254: Well Begun Is Half Done
Level 255: Better Safe Than Sorry
Level 256: Come Hell or High Water
Level 257: Get Down to Brass Tacks
Level 258: Hit the Nail on the Head
Level 259: Accidents Will Happen
Level 260: No Sweet Without Sweat[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Bike Pack Answers:”]Level 261: Do As You Would Be Done By
Level 262: Every Bean Has Its Black
Level 263: Every Man Has His Faults
Level 264: First Come First Served
Level 265: He Who Hesitates Is Lost
Level 266: Hunger Is the Best Sauce
Level 267: Idleness Rusts the Mind
Level 268: Success Is Never Blamed
Level 269: The Tailor Makes the Man
Level 270: Time Is the Great Healer
Level 271: Virtue Is Its Own Reward
Level 272: Practice Makes Perfect
Level 273: Great Minds Think Alike
Level 274: Pleasant Hours Fly Fast
Level 275: History Repeats Itself
Level 276: Tell Tales Out of School
Level 277: Barking Dogs Seldom Bite
Level 278: Brevity Is the Soul of Wit
Level 279: Fair Words Break No Bones
Level 280: Good Counsel Does No Harm[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Baseball Pack Answers:”]Level 281: Never Do Things By Halves
Level 282: Practice What You Preach
Level 283: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Level 284: Cast Pearls Before Swine
Level 285: Take the Bull By the Horns
Level 286: Go Through Fire and Water
Level 287: An Old Dog Barks Not in Vain
Level 288: As You Sow So Shall You Reap
Level 289: Far From Eye Far From Heart
Level 290: Honesty Is the Best Policy
Level 291: In the End Things Will Mend
Level 292: Least Said Soonest Mended
Level 293: Many Hands Make Light Work
Level 294: Promise Little but Do Much
Level 295: Small Rain Lays Great Dust
Level 296: Soft Fire Makes Sweet Malt
Level 297: There Is No Place Like Home
Level 298: In Unity There Is Strength
Level 299: Four Eyes See More Than Two
Level 300: Good Health Is Above Wealth[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Reward Pack Answers:”]
Level 301: It Is Never Too Late to Learn
Level 302: Learn to Say Before You Sing
Level 303: Long Absent Soon Forgotten
Level 304: No Living Man All Things Can
Level 305: Rain At Seven Fine At Eleven
Level 306: Soon Learnt Soon Forgotten
Level 307: Strike While the Iron Is Hot
Level 308: Time and Tide Wait for No Man
Level 309: What We Do Willingly Is Easy
Level 310: Money Does Not Grow on Trees
Level 311: Variety Is the Spice of Life
Level 312: Rome Was Not Built in One Day
Level 313: Self Praise Is Half Slander
Level 314: The Customer Is Never Wrong
Level 315: Every Bird Likes Its Own Nest
Level 316: Make Hay While the Sun Shines
Level 317: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Level 318: The More Haste the Less Speed
Level 319: Two Heads Are Better Than One
Level 320: Love Makes the World Go Round[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Calculator Pack Answers:”]
Level 321: Nothing Hurts Like the Truth
Level 322: Joy Is Not in Things It Is in Us
Level 323: After Rain Comes Fair Weather
Level 324: Every Country Has Its Customs
Level 325: Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds
Level 326: First Deserve and Then Desire
Level 327: Great Talkers Are Great Liars
Level 328: Learn to Creep Before You Leap
Level 329: Lost Time Is Never Found Again
Level 330: Love Is Blind As Well As Hatred
Level 331: Never Quit Certainty for Hope
Level 332: Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
Level 333: We Soon Believe What We Desire
Level 334: When in Rome Do As the Romans Do
Level 335: Borrowing Does Well Only Once
Level 336: Peace Without Truth Is Poison
Level 337: Every Pea Helps to Fill the Pod
Level 338: Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Level 339: Love Makes the World Go Around
Level 340: Go for Wool and Come Home Shorn[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Test Pack Answers:”]Level 341: All Is Fish That Comes to His Net
Level 342: As the Tree Falls So Shall It Lie
Level 343: Caution Is the Parent of Safety
Level 344: Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady
Level 345: Great Spenders Are Bad Lenders
Level 346: Great Talkers Are Little Doers
Level 347: Little Chips Light Great Fires
Level 348: Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks
Level 349: One Good Turn Deserves Another
Level 350: One Today Is Worth Two Tomorrow
Level 351: Saying and Doing Are Two Things
Level 352: Score Twice Before You Cut Once
Level 353: The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Level 354: The Face Is the Index of the Mind
Level 355: Think Today and Speak Tomorrow
Level 356: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
Level 357: Two Is Company but Three Is None
Level 358: The Best Things in Life Are Free
Level 359: Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone
Level 360: If Anything Can Go Wrong It Will[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Travel Pack Answers:”]
Level 361: Money Makes the World Go Around
Level 362: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Level 363: All Lay Load on the Willing Horse
Level 364: Better to Do Well Than to Say Well
Level 365: Good Masters Make Good Servants
Level 366: He Works Best Who Knows His Trade
Level 367: Honey Is Sweet but the Bee Stings
Level 368: Many Words Hurt More Than Swords
Level 369: Men May Meet but Mountains Never
Level 370: Never Offer to Teach Fish to Swim
Level 371: Old Friends and Old Wine Are Best
Level 372: The First Blow Is Half the Battle
Level 373: Get Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
Level 374: Success Is the Child of Audacity
Level 375: Jack of All Trades Master of None
Level 376: There Is No Time Like the Present
Level 377: The Child Is the Father of the Man
Level 378: By Doing Nothing We Learn to Do Ill
Level 379: Gifts From Enemies Are Dangerous
Level 380: He Is Happy That Thinks Himself So[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Modle Plane Pack Answers:”]Level 381: Idleness Is the Mother of All Evil
Level 382: It Is No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk
Level 383: Love Will Creep Where It May Not Go
Level 384: Never Cackle Till Your Egg Is Laid
Level 385: Never Write What You Dare Not Sign
Level 386: The Best Fish Swim Near the Bottom
Level 387: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Level 388: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword
Level 389: Never Bite the Hand That Feeds You
Level 390: God Gives Food but Does Not Cook It
Level 391: Overdone Is Worse Than Underdone
Level 392: The Best Patch Is of the Same Cloth
Level 393: May You Live Every Day of Your Life
Level 394: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Level 395: Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise
Level 396: All Are Not Saints That Go to Church
Level 397: An Ill Wound Is Cured Not an Ill Name
Level 398: Better Be Alone Than in Bad Company
Level 399: Eat At Pleasure Drink with Measure
Level 400: Every Dog Is Valiant At His Own Door[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Experiment Pack Answers:”]Level 401: Faults Are Thick Where Love Is Thin
Level 402: Fools Never Know When They Are Well
Level 403: Happiness Takes No Account of Time
Level 404: He That Seeks Trouble Never Misses
Level 405: In Every Beginning Think of the End
Level 406: None but the Brave Deserve the Fair
Level 407: Old Birds Are Not Caught with Chaff
Level 408: The Last Drop Makes the Cup Run Over
Level 409: What Is Done By Night Appears By Day
Level 410: Good Things Come in Small Packages
Level 411: Little Things Affect Little Minds
Level 412: Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Level 413: It Is Better to Give Than to Receive
Level 414: All Are Not Merry That Dance Lightly
Level 415: Anger and Haste Hinder Good Counsel
Level 416: Dogs That Put Up Many Hares Kill None
Level 417: Each Bird Loves to Hear Himself Sing
Level 418: He Dances Well to Whom Fortune Pipes
Level 419: He That Will Thrive Must Rise At Five
Level 420: If the Sky Falls We Shall Catch Larks[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Research Pack Answers:”]Level 421: In the Evening One May Praise the Day
Level 422: Speech Is Silver but Silence Is Gold
Level 423: The Remedy Is Worse Than the Disease
Level 424: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Level 425: The First Step Is Always the Hardest
Level 426: You Have to Take the Good with the Bad
Level 427: Cross That Bridge When You Come to It
Level 428: Whatever You Can Do or Dream Begin It
Level 429: Diligence Is the Mother of Good Luck
Level 430: Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth
Level 431: Every Tub Must Stand on Its Own Bottom
Level 432: Learn Wisdom By the Follies of Others
Level 433: Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
Level 434: There Is No Rule Without an Exception
Level 435: He That Spares the Bad Injures the Good
Level 436: There Are More Ways to the Wood Than One
Level 437: The Love of Money Is the Root of All Evil
Level 438: Better Die Standing Than Live Kneeling
Level 439: Company in Distress Makes Trouble Less
Level 440: Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Paper Pack Answers:”]Level 441: He That Once Deceives Is Ever Suspected
Level 442: He That Promises Too Much Means Nothing
Level 443: He That Will Steal an Egg Will Steal an Ox
Level 444: He Who Likes Borrowing Dislikes Paying
Level 445: Oaks May Fall When Reeds Stand the Storm
Level 446: The Darkest Hour Is That Before the Dawn
Level 447: The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Eating
Level 448: The Tongue of Idle Persons Is Never Idle
Level 449: The Voice of One Man Is the Voice of No One
Level 450: The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall
Level 451: Diseases Are the Interests of Pleasures
Level 452: Draw Not Your Bow Till Your Arrow Is Fixed
Level 453: Fools May Sometimes Speak to the Purpose
Level 454: If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Might Ride
Level 455: Judge Not of Men and Things At First Sight
Level 456: Little Pigeons Can Carry Great Messages
Level 457: One Link Broken the Whole Chain Is Broken
Level 458: Speak of the Devil and He Is Sure to Appear
Level 459: False Friends Are Worse Than Open Enemies
Level 460: Fortune Is Easily Found but Hard to Be Kept

[su_box title=”Word Saying Commencement Pack Answers:”]Level 461: He That Lives with Cripples Learns to Limp
Level 462: He That Serves Everybody Is Paid By Nobody
Level 463: The Camel Going to Seek Horns Lost His Ears
Level 464: The Spirit Is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak
Level 465: Better to Ask Twice Than Lose Your Way Once
Level 466: Vows Made in Storms Are Forgotten in Calms
Level 467: Enjoy When You Can and Endure When You Must
Level 468: The Time Is Always Right to Do What Is Right
Level 469: Ask No Questions and You Will Be Told No Lies
Level 470: He That Goes Barefoot Must Not Plant Thorns
Level 471: Let Every Man Praise the Bridge He Goes Over
Level 472: No Man Loves His Fetters Be They Made of Gold
Level 473: We Know Not What Is Good Until We Have Lost It
Level 474: Even the Devil Was an Angel in the Beginning
Level 475: Sickness Comes in Haste and Goes At Leisure
Level 476: Some People Have Tact Others Tell the Truth
Level 477: People Give Nothing So Willingly As Advice
Level 478: Gardens Are Not Made By Sitting in the Shade
Level 479: The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself
Level 480: The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

[su_box title=”Word Saying Graduation Pack Answers:”]Level 481: He That Will Eat the Kernel Must Crack the Nut
Level 482: Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
Level 483: Life Is the Flower for Which Love Is the Honey
Level 484: Time Is What We Want Most but What We Use Worst
Level 485: That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger
Level 486: Age Has No Friend but the Wrinkles of the Mind
Level 487: Smooth Runs the Water Where the Brook Is Deep
Level 488: The Darkest Night Brings the Brightest Dawn
Level 489: Vision Is the Art of Seeing Things Invisible
Level 490: All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy
Level 491: An Honest Tale Speeds Best Being Plainly Told
Level 492: Every Man Is the Architect of His Own Fortunes
Level 493: Good Words Without Deeds Are Rushes and Reeds
Level 494: He That Is Ill to Himself Will Be Good to Nobody
Level 495: He That Would Eat the Fruit Must Climb the Tree
Level 496: He Who Would Search for Pearls Must Dive Below
Level 497: Money Spent on the Brain Is Never Spent in Vain
Level 498: Nothing Comes Out of the Sack but What Was in It
Level 499: The Furthest Way About Is the Nearest Way Home
Level 500: The Heart That Once Truly Loves Never Forgets[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Party Pack Answers:”]Level 501: Every Man Knows Best When His Own Shoe Pinches
Level 502: The Secret of Success Is Constancy of Purpose
Level 503: Catch Not At the Shadow and Lose the Substance
Level 504: No One Can Be Caught in Places He Does Not Visit
Level 505: Climb Not Too High Lest the Fall Be the Greater
Level 506: The Sweetest Wine Makes the Sharpest Vinegar
Level 507: When Ill Luck Falls Asleep Let Nobody Wake Her
Level 508: Zeal Without Knowledge Is Fire Without Light
Level 509: He Who Lives By the Sword Shall Die By the Sword
Level 510: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World
Level 511: The Smart Man Knows How Little He Really Knows
Level 512: If Things Were to Be Done Twice All Would Be Wise
Level 513: One Beats the Bush and Another Catches the Bird
Level 514: One Drop of Poison Infects the Whole Tun of Wine
Level 515: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
Level 516: Do Not Look Where You Fell but Where You Slipped
Level 517: The Family That Prays Together Stays Together
Level 518: It Is More Painful to Do Nothing Than Something
Level 519: Keeping From Falling Is Better Than Helping Up
Level 520: The Greatest Crabs Are Not Always the Best Meat[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Work Pack Answers:”]Level 521: He Knows Best What Good Is That Has Endured Evil
Level 522: He Who Would Catch Fish Must Not Mind Getting Wet
Level 523: Respect Yourself or No One Else Will Respect You
Level 524: Danger Can Never Be Overcome Without Taking Risks
Level 525: Never Buy What You Do Not Want Because It Is Cheap
Level 526: You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World
Level 527: Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
Level 528: He Who Knows Himself Best Esteems Himself Least
Level 529: The Devil Can Cite Scripture for His Own Purpose
Level 530: Genius Is an Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains
Level 531: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer
Level 532: Silence Is an Excellent Remedy Against Slander
Level 533: He Is Not Laughed At That Laughs At Himself First
Level 534: Lightning Never Strikes Twice in the Same Place
Level 535: If You Run After Two Hares You Will Catch Neither
Level 536: An Hour in the Morning Is Worth Two in the Evening
Level 537: Believe Not All That You See nor Half What You Hear
Level 538: Every White Has Its Black and Every Sweet Its Sour
Level 539: He That Lies Down with Dogs Must Rise Up with Fleas
Level 540: If There Were No Clouds We Should Not Enjoy the Sun[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Word Saying Marriage Pack Answers:”]Level 541: Nothing Must Be Done Hastily but Killing of Fleas
Level 542: Hate Is Like Cancer Slowly Eating Us Away Inside
Level 543: Children and Fools Must Not Play with Edged Tools
Level 544: Where the Hedge Is Lowest Men Commonly Leap Over
Level 545: He That Is Born to Be Hanged Shall Never Be Drowned
Level 546: Desperate Diseases Must Have Desperate Remedies
Level 547: He That Comes First to the Hill May Sit Where He Will
Level 548: We Never Know the Value of Water Till the Well Is Dry
Level 549: Forgive Your Enemies but Never Forget Their Names
Level 550: The Second Million Is Always Easier Than the First
Level 551: Guilty Men See Guilt Written on the Faces of Saints
Level 552: Every Age Explodes Old Errors and Creates New Ones
Level 553: When Children Stand Quiet They Have Done Some Harm
Level 554: Today Is That Tomorrow You Thought About Yesterday
Level 555: He That Falls in Love with Himself Will Find No Rival
Level 556: Custom Is the Plague of Wise Men and the Idol of Fools
Level 557: Look Before You Leap but Having Leapt Never Look Back
Level 558: Love Is the Wisdom of the Fool and the Folly of the Wise
Level 559: When Making Your Choices in Life Do Not Forget to Live
Level 560: There Is No One So Rich That He Does Not Still Want More

[su_box title=”Word Saying Family Pack Answers:”]Level 561: He Is Not Poor That Has Little but He That Desires Much
Level 562: The Pitcher Goes Often to the Well but Is Broken At Last
Level 563: They Must Hunger in Winter That Will Not Work in Summer
Level 564: Those Who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones
Level 565: No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent
Level 566: There Are People Who Have Money and People Who Are Rich
Level 567: Gentility Without Ability Is Worse Than Plain Beggary
Level 568: He That Would Have Eggs Must Endure the Cackling of Hens
Level 569: The Person Who Thinks Too Little Usually Talks Too Much
Level 570: Modesty Is Like the Snow; When It Melts It Is Gone Forever
Level 571: He Who Rides Slowly Gets Just As Far Only It Takes Longer
Level 572: He That Handles Thorns Shall Prick His Fingers
Level 573: If the Blind Lead the Blind Both Shall Fall Into the Ditch
Level 574: For Success Attitude Is Equally As Important As Ability
Level 575: Wrinkles Should Merely Indicate Where Smiles Have Been
Level 576: The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence
Level 577: Many People Despise Wealth but Few Know How to Give It Away
Level 578: If You Are Always Dwelling in Trouble Change Your Address
Level 579: Our Bodies Are Our Gardens to Which Our Wills Are Gardeners
Level 580: From Trivial Things Great Contests Often Arise[/su_box]


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