Word Puzzle by Hanna Rudak Answers

Stuck on Word Puzzle – Play Word Making Game by Hanna Rudak? Available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. Word Puzzle is a game in which it’s similar to the king of all word trivia games, Wordbrain. In this game it’s your job to guess the word by using your finger and dragging it along the letters. These puzzles can range from 2×2 grids and beyond.

You’ll find that you’ll simply love this game due to it being short and thinking it’s finally finished. Let’s jump straight into the Word Puzzle – Play Word Making Game with Search and Find characters answers, cheats and solutions now.

Word Puzzle Answers:

Level 1: Time
Level 2: Poem
Level 3: Aero
Level 4: Cork
Level 5: Corm
Level 6: Faulty
Level 7: Cast
Level 8: Cash
Level 9: Enigma
Level 10: Abacus

Level 11: Agreed
Level 12: Dental
Level 13: Deluxe
Level 14: Eraser
Level 15: Ethics
Level 16: Camera
Level 17: Gasped
Level 18: Friend
Level 19: Excite
Level 20: Canopy

Level 21: Cabins
Level 22: Combatted
Level 23: Acrostics
Level 24: Combiners
Level 25: Algorithm
Level 26: Combusted
Level 27: Ablations
Level 28: Breathing
Level 29: Changeful
Level 30: Achieving
Level 31: Custodian
Level 32: Deporting
Level 33: Education
Level 34: Formality

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