Word Merge Answers and Cheats All Levels

We’ve solved all the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs to the hot new game Word Merge – Words Search Peak by Smart Up Inc. If you’ve been struggling to progress through the Word Merge levels then we’ll help you get you on your way to becoming a Word Merge champ. Available for download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device now for free.

Word Merge Answers

Don’t know how to play Word Merge? Similar to Smart Up Inc’s other games. It’s your job to solve each level by using your finger and dragging it along the correct letters to form the right word, Easy huh? Sure, Now you’ve got the answers ;). If you want to check out other Word Brain style games then use our search function either on the sidebar or down below and search for Smart Up Inc.  If you’re ready to get stuck into the Word Merge Brain Power Peak for iOS and Android Answers, Cheats or Solutions for all levels and packs then let’s begin.

Word Merge by Smart Up Inc Answers

Word Merge Stone Tool Pack Answers

Level 1: Doll
Level 2: Crab
Level 3: Boat
Level 4: Show
Level 5: Milk
Level 6: Golf
Level 7: Wool
Level 8: Duty
Level 9: Bite
Level 10: Cave

Word Merge Cave Pack Answers

Level 11: Door
Level 12: Load
Level 13: Trip
Level 14: Rain
Level 15: Head
Level 16: Wish
Level 17: Hope
Level 18: Snow
Level 19: Date
Level 20: Wind

Word Merge Human Pack Answers

Level 21: Word, Merge
Level 22: Boy, Silver
Level 23: Comb, Cream
Level 24: Block, Cash
Level 25: Nine, Comic
Level 26: Toy, Cherry
Level 27: Club, Hobby
Level 28: Blouse, Bag
Level 29: Bear, Flash
Level 30: Tomato, Dog
Level 31: Mango, Chew
Level 32: Pat, Jacket
Level 33: Joke, Mayor
Level 34: Pizza, Flag
Level 35: Mail, Toast
Level 36: Campus, Bed
Level 37: Touch, Unit
Level 38: Bloom, Sofa
Level 39: Chef, Novel
Level 40: Camel, Desk

Word Merge Fire Pack Answers

Level 41: Tie, Wonder
Level 42: Land, Dream
Level 43: Lip, Wisdom
Level 44: Actor, Lime
Level 45: Hook, Media
Level 46: Kid, Coffee
Level 47: Mouth, Tour
Level 48: Mix, Police
Level 49: Worry, Bank
Level 50: Floor, Test
Level 51: Bell, Shirt
Level 52: Lunch, Bowl
Level 53: Cheek, Lock
Level 54: Bubble, Tea
Level 55: Tail, Chair
Level 56: Port, Snail
Level 57: Candy, Road
Level 58: Swim, Santa
Level 59: Haze, Movie
Level 60: Net, Cookie

Word Merge Symbol Pack Answers

Level 61: Break, Chin
Level 62: Pet, Option
Level 63: Noise, Vine
Level 64: Fire, Trust
Level 65: Cow, Finger
Level 66: Bone, Purse
Level 67: Skate, Ball
Level 68: Muse, Forum
Level 69: Cheese, Sea
Level 70: Stove, Wave
Level 71: Grape, Warm
Level 72: Trade, Link
Level 73: Snake, Vase
Level 74: Music, Star
Level 75: Water, Boot
Level 76: Hammer, Gum
Level 77: Skip, Click
Level 78: Foam, Class
Level 79: Shape, Quit
Level 80: Price, Wash

Word Merge Bow Pack Answers

Level 81: Tiger, Soda
Level 82: Glass, Cake
Level 83: Fence, Pack
Level 84: Play, Bread
Level 85: Farm, House
Level 86: Peer, Knife
Level 87: Wipe, Apple
Level 88: Spy, Butter
Level 89: Work, Paper
Level 90: Tip, Course
Level 91: File, Plant
Level 92: Hen, Ticket
Level 93: Lion, Spoon
Level 94: Peak, Tense
Level 95: Weapon, Hat
Level 96: Career, Buy
Level 97: Ship, Brand
Level 98: Tank, Shelf
Level 99: Man, Parrot
Level 100: Horse, Jump

Word Merge Accessory Pack Answers

Level 101: Granny, Wife, Mother
Level 102: Wheat, Prize, Double
Level 103: Great, Garlic, Yacht
Level 104: Blade, Plan, Diamond
Level 105: Cactus, Arrow, Train
Level 106: Spring, Waiter, Ache
Level 107: Day, Juice, Cap, Daisy
Level 108: Forest, Father, Barn
Level 109: Fan, Honey, Cup, Piano
Level 110: Basket, Fault, Smile
Level 111: System, Soccer, Palm
Level 112: Cane, Sun, Trap, Month
Level 113: Church, Lesson, Name
Level 114: Room, Tax, Watch, Gain
Level 115: Victory, Store, Tape
Level 116: Box, Chart, Roast, Nut
Level 117: Bat, Torch, Ghost, Ice
Level 118: Vitamin, Swing, Wolf
Level 119: Fox, Skirt, Chant, Map
Level 120: Banana, Powder, Corn

Word Merge House Pack Answers

Level 121: Chat, Custom, Talent
Level 122: Crisp, Clinic, Salon
Level 123: Score, Bomb, Goat, Cat
Level 124: Rule, Rabbit, Animal
Level 125: Chase, Turkey, Scope
Level 126: Board, School, Basin
Level 127: Zebra, Hunt, Pyramid
Level 128: Age, Yard, Crow, Limit
Level 129: Lodge, Gas, Eye, Fruit
Level 130: Candle, Menu, Design
Level 131: Dress, Sauce, Orange
Level 132: Quick, Tutor, Camera
Level 133: Tract, Wing, Gallery
Level 134: Potato, Vest, Flower
Level 135: Bus, Neck, Salt, Empty
Level 136: Egg, Lamb, Oven, Snack
Level 137: Concert, Game, Photo
Level 138: Station, Rail, Frost
Level 139: Blonde, Brain, Route
Level 140: Cab, Dish, Heart, Cube

Word Merge Boat Pack Answers

Level 141: Shine, Joy, Brace, Fly
Level 142: Jade, Trouble, Party
Level 143: Bench, Jam, Cloud, Top
Level 144: Path, Glacier, World
Level 145: Waist, Job, Money, Sky
Level 146: Brick, Heaven, Shore
Level 147: Pie, Goal, Image, Iron
Level 148: Fork, Fortune, Storm
Level 149: Ham, Map, Coral, Sport
Level 150: Boil, Wine, River, Cat
Level 151: Raft, Nature, Cruise
Level 152: Film, Hockey, Family
Level 153: Space, Doctor, Nurse
Level 154: Hair, Sale, Stone, Cup
Level 155: Bike, Monster, Bacon
Level 156: Like, Student, Judge
Level 157: Nut, Scare, Brush, Fox
Level 158: Heat, Sun, Glory, Soap
Level 159: Book, Egg, Treat, Clue
Level 160: Lotion, Market, Love

Word Merge Map Pack Answers

Level 161: Mirror, Garage, Pest
Level 162: Button, Poison, Help
Level 163: Napkin, Queen, Drink
Level 164: Burden, Habit, Field
Level 165: Figure, Flight, Span
Level 166: Liver, Bat, Tax, Curry
Level 167: Flood, Morning, Bead
Level 168: Joy, Plum, Leaf, Lemon
Level 169: Chain, Ice, Cab, Slide
Level 170: Juice, Library, Duck
Level 171: Screen, Winter, Note
Level 172: Collar, Friend, Tale
Level 173: Storm, Face, Crystal
Level 174: Month, Snack, Cousin
Level 175: Tutor, Money, Donkey
Level 176: Time, Gold, Age, Cloud
Level 177: Glue, West, Box, Dress
Level 178: Store, Train, Jungle
Level 179: Tract, Pear, Promise
Level 180: Pie, Cap, Bacon, Treat

Word Merge Pottery Pack Answers

Level 181: Scare, Guitar, Bench
Level 182: Matter, Branch, Rock
Level 183: Pigeon, Tongue, Beer
Level 184: Score, Century, Team
Level 185: World, Fan, Crisp, Day
Level 186: Great, Job, Fruit, Gas
Level 187: Brick, Eye, Piano, Bus
Level 188: Scope, Captain, Lead
Level 189: Top, Arrow, Shine, Ham
Level 190: Fish, Prize, Jam, Read
Level 191: Space, Stomach, Like
Level 192: Ice, River, Skirt, Sky
Level 193: Daisy, Limit, Fly, Cab
Level 194: Watch, Sauce, Tax, Cat
Level 195: Cup, Clue, Waist, Wine
Level 196: Salt, Honesty, Route
Level 197: Hair, Village, Image
Level 198: Map, Cane, Wheat, Lamb
Level 199: Product, Book, Fault
Level 200: Couple, Jade, Native

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