Word Ink Level 21 Answers

    Word Ink is an exciting brand new word trivia game released by Happymagenta UAB. The app brings a very entertaining gameplay which consists in guessing the hidden words across the crossword puzzles. Word Ink is just a perfect match if you especially love to solve anagrams and unscrambling letters. The game stands pretty simple as you only have to slide your finger in order to indicate the word which you suppose to be correct. There are no time limits neither you’ll be penalized if you try an incorrect word. The game also rewards you for every extra word found with certain in-app coins which you can later spend on valuable hints. Word Ink features over 1000 unique levels in 10 different languages along with daily puzzles and bonuses. Discover the hidden words, complete the crossword puzzles to succeed on the levels of the game and enhance also your vocabulary. If you get stuck somewhere in the game’s levels here is Word Ink Level 21 Answers:


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