Word Genius 5×5 Pack Answers All Levels

Word Genius 5×5 Pack Answers and Cheats for all levels from the Base Pack 1. We’ve solved each and every level to all the packs to bring you a full walkthrough guide on all possible combinations. This game is created by Timothy Mironenko for both iOS and Android devices. With the main game having over 400 levels and other levels available to be unlocked, You’ll be amused for hours. As you connect the words from the grid of letters, With a freeform pen tool to draw your answers makes this word trivia brain game quite enjoyable. The available packs in game are Base Pack 1, Purchase Pack 1, Purchase Pack 2 and Fours and Fives Pack 1.

Whether you need the solutions or answers to Word Genius on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices we’ve got you covered. Check out this game from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now for free and come back to get all the answers and a walkthrough game guide to help you solve each level.

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Word Genius 5×5 Pack Answers

Level 1: Glass – Clue: Window
Level 2: Mouse – Clue: Computer Pointing Thingy
Level 3: Stand – Clue: Get Up!
Level 4: Trade – Clue: Exchange
Level 5: Watch – Clue: What’s the Time?
Level 6: Store – Clue: Good for Buying Goods
Level 7: Pants – Clue: Tighten Your Belt
Level 8: Metal – Clue: Hard Material
Level 9: Broad – Clue: This Is a Hint. Helpful Enough?
Level 10: Quack – Clue: Duck

Level 11: Smoke – Clue: Fire
Level 12: Spark – Clue: Ignite
Level 13: Carve – Clue: Cut
Level 14: Agree – Clue: I Concur
Level 15: Obese – Clue: a Bit Overweight
Level 16: Place – Clue: a Particular Position
Level 17: Rough – Clue: Uneven Surface
Level 18: Crack – Clue: Fracture
Level 19: Kaput – Clue: It’s Busted
Level 20: Angle – Clue: 0 to 360 (0)

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