Word Dash Answers All Levels

Word Dash Answers and Cheats for all levels and packs. Created by BlueBayMob for iOS and Android devices. The full name Word Dash – Guess the Pics can be picked up from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device now. This game is for true word fanatics with it’s multiple themes, many levels and hours of entertainment, What’s not to love? It’s your job to find the clues which are given in the picture.

We’ve solved each and every level to bring you a full walkthrough guide to each and every level and stage of this game. After you pick it up for free on your Android or iOS device come back here and grab all the answers you could possibly want.

Word Dash – Guess the Pics Answers

Level 1: Hiding, Red, Kitten
Level 2: Camera, Glasses, Photos
Level 3: Basket, Cat, Eggs
Level 4: Woman, Cloud, Dress
Level 5: Lion, Elephant, Train
Level 6: Read, Bed, Blanket
Level 7: Goldfish, Kitten, Bowl
Level 8: Sunglasses, Vacation, Beach
Level 9: Headphone, Cute, Sleeping
Level 10: Rabbit, White, Lovely
Level 11: Diamond, Poker, Card
Level 12: Phone, Camera, Watch
Level 13: Female, Numbers, Time
Level 14: Salad, Spoon, Table
Level 15: Aviator, Jacket, Goggles
Level 16: Lettuce, Pepper, Cabbage
Level 17: Stripes, Indoor, Harness
Level 18: Chimney, Green, Forest
Level 19: Street, Bicycle, Window, Pots, Cobbles, Plants
Level 20: Crime, Numbers, Columns
Level 21: Marshmallows, Candy, Nose
Level 22: Orchestra, Cello, Music
Level 23: Team, Race, Wood
Level 24: Breakfast, Tomato, Orange
Level 25: Launch, Rocket, Ideas
Level 26: Hammer, Tools, Pencil
Level 27: Blackboard, Window, Teacher
Level 28: Microphone, Cameraman, Guitar
Level 29: Trunks, Pot, Mushroom, Deer, Flowers, Cactus, Plant
Level 30: Pillow, Letters, Curtain
Level 31: Lettuce, Bag, Mom, Boxes, Dress, Shopping, Celery
Level 32: Sea, Sky, Palm, Island, Lighthouse, Tree, Rocks
Level 33: Balloon, Hearts, Headband, Ribbons, Cup, Cake, Dots
Level 34: Carrots, Smiling, Broccoli, Labels, Child, Onions
Level 35: Hill, Houses, Basket, Chimney, Fly, Sky, Roof, Air
Level 36: Jungle, Monkey, Nature, Pockets, Cheerful, Shirt, Cap
Level 37: Enjoying, Sweater, Girl, Underwater, Fish, Glass
Level 38: Security, Icons, House, Hand, Room, Bulb, Camera
Level 39: Puppy, Green, Brown, Grass, Fur, Biting, Ears, Toy
Level 40: Paper, Ceramic, Rope, Pencil, Notebook, Plate, Tea
Level 41: Games, Queen, Knight, Board, Domino, Rook, White
Level 42: Grater, Vintage, Hammer, Heart, Spoon, Strainer, Fork
Level 43: Bowl, Onions, Healthy, Cabbage, Mushroom, Cucumber
Level 44: Dinosaur, Elephant, Chairs, Toys, Bear, Doll
Level 45: Crane, Fly, Industrial, Airplane, Blue, Lights
Level 46: Jockey, Bridle, Team, People, Horsmen, Race, Saddle

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