Word Crush Christmas by Mediaflex Answers

Word Crush Christmas by Mediaflex Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Mediaflex is a well known puzzle developer who creates fun and addicting brain puzzles to not only mess with your mind but to of course have fun. Mediaflex has released their new name for the upcoming holiday season, Obviously Christmas. Word Crush Christmas Brain Puzzle is their new game and just starting on level two we could see we defiantly needed to make a list of answers as it’s extremely hard.

You can pick Word Crush Christmas up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store free for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Lets dive into the Word Crush Christmas Answers, Cheats and Solutions now.

Word Crush Christmas Answers:

Level 1: Merry Xmas
Level 2: Mistletoe
Level 3: Fruit Cake
Level 4: Frost Cold
Level 5: Bless Card
Level 6: Evergreen
Level 7: Angel Pine
Level 8: Light Tree
Level 9: Holly Food
Level 10: Tinsel Log
Level 11: Sack Birth
Level 12: Ice Frosty
Level 13: Turkey Hat
Level 14: Cook Gravy
Level 15: Party Wine
Level 16: Punch Noel
Level 17: Toy Bauble
Level 18: Jesus Bell
Level 19: Box Eggnog
Level 20: Elf Movies

Level 21: Christmas
Level 22: Fir Advent
Level 23: Hark Bells
Level 24: Skate Gold
Level 25: Holy Elves
Level 26: Icy Donkey
Level 27: Carol Star
Level 28: Family Joy
Level 29: Yule Snowy
Level 30: Coal Goose
Level 31: Socks Mary
Level 32: Brandy Eve
Level 33: Ribbon Inn
Level 34: Cheer Magic
Level 35: Shop Myrrh
Level 36: Nuts Feast
Level 37: Love Glove
Level 38: Chill Gift
Level 39: Jolly Logs
Level 40: Wintry Pie

Level 41: Sherry Eat
Level 42: Trips Wish
Level 43: Season Ivy
Level 44: Wreath Bow
Level 45: Films Hope
Level 46: Dasher Red
Level 47: Santa Sing
Level 48: Jokes List
Level 49: Cider Trip
Level 50: Tradition
Level 51: Wrap Kings
Level 52: Nap Market
Level 53: Scarf Baby
Level 54: Cap Winter
Level 55: Ham Candle
Level 56: White Crib
Level 57: Give Candy
Level 58: Scrooge Eggnog Toy
Level 59: Tree Log Pie Turkey
Level 60: Scarf Occasion Red

Level 61: Unwrap Yule Wreath
Level 62: Joseph Season Crib
Level 63: We’re solving the rest, Know the answers? Comment below, Credit given.

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