Word Cookies Tiramisu Answers Levels 1-20

Word Cookies Tiramisu Answers All Levels. We’ve solve the Word Cookies Tiramisu Solutions to bring you a full walkthrough game guide to solve each and every level to help you complete this level and Word Cookies itself. This game is created by BitMango and can be downloaded on all iOS and Android devices for free.

Word Cookies is a game where players solve the puzzles by swiping their finger over the correct letters to form the right word. If you haven’t got this game then head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and download this word trivia game for free on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android device now.

Word Cookies Tiramisu Answers All Levels

Word Cookies Praline Levels 1-10

Level 1. chore core cove cover cue cur cure curve echo her hero hour hove hover hue ore our over roe rove rue vouch voucher rev
Level 2. are ark bake baker bakery bar bare bark bay beak bear bra brake break bye ear era key rake ray rye yak year
Level 3. den denim die dim din dine elm end idle led lend lid lie lied lime line lined meld men mend midi midline mild mile mind mine mined nil lien
Level 4. envoy envy eon lent let levy lone lot love lye net not note novel novelty one only oven ten toe ton tone toy vent vet veto vole volt vote yen yet
Level 5. arm armed army dam dare day dear dray dream dreamy dry dye ear era mad made mar mare may mead ram ray read ready ream red rye yam yard year rad
Level 6. again air aria bag ban bang bar bargain barn big bin bra brag brain bran brig bring gain garb gin grab grain grin nag rag rain ran rang rib rig ring
Level 7. act atop cap cat city coat copy cot coy icy iota oat opacity opt optic pact pat patio pay pit pity pot tap tic tip top topic toy cop cay
Level 8. abet abut ant ate aunt ban bane banquet bat bate bean beat bent bet bun but eat neat net nub nut tab tan tea ten tub tube tuna tune tun
Level 9. eel eels elf else eon eons fee feel feels fees flee flees floe floes foe foes lens lone lose noes nose one ones oneself see seen self sole son
Level 10. hen hens hew hewn his new newish news sew sewn she shin shine sin sinew when whine whines win wine wines wins wise wish

Word Cookies Praline Levels 11-20

Level 11. arc car carol claw cloak coal coral cork cow cowl crawl croak crow lack lark law awl lock low oak oar oral owl rack raw rock row walk war warlock work
Level 12. fief fiefs fir fire fires firs fish fresh fries heir heirs her hers hire hires his ire rife rise serf serif she sheriff sir sire
Level 13. din don donor donors dons door doors indoor indoors ion ions iron irons nod nods nor rid rids rind rinds rod rods rosin sin sir son soon
Level 14. cent con concert cone core corn cornet cot crone eon net nor not note once one ore rent roe rot rote ten tenor tern toe ton tone toner tore torn
Level 15. ape apparel appeal appear apple are area ear earl era lap leap pal pale papal paper par pare pea peal pear pearl per plea rap real reap lea ale
Level 16. acid aid aim amid amino and anomic can cod coda coin coma con dam dim din domain don icon ion mad maid main man manic mind moan nod nomad nomadic mica
Level 17. bed bib bible bid bide bier bile bird bled bred bribe bribed bride bridle die dire dribble idle ire led lid lie lied red rib rid ride rile riled
Level 18. ace acne act ancient ant antic ate can cane canine cant cat cent cine cite eat enact ice inane incant inn innate neat net nice nine nit tan tea ten tic tie tin tine
Level 19. ate date deaf deft doe dot dote due duet duo eat fad fade fadeout fat fate fated feat fed feud foe oaf oat ode out tea toad toe toed tofu aft auto tad
Level 20. delight die diet dig edit eight gel get gilt glide held hid hide hilt hit idle led leg let lid lie lied light lighted lit lithe the tide tie tied tilde tile tiled gild

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