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Word Cookies Mango Answers All Levels

Word Cookies Mango Answers and Cheats for all levels. We bring you a full walkthrough guide and solutions for all 20 levels. Created by Bitmango for both iOS and Android devices comes this fun addicting word trivia game which is simply amazing. It’s your job to crate words using the given letters from the bowl, With many solutions using the same letters this game requires a lot of knowledge, But we bring you the answers for all levels.

If you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device then you’re in luck as you can head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up Word Cookies for free and enjoy the fun. Whether you’re stuck on one level or many levels use our guide below and get unstuck from these tricky levels.

Word Cookies Mango Answers All Levels

#1: Egg, Eggs, Ego, Egos, Gel, Gels, Goes, Goggles, Leg, Legs, Log, Logs, Lose, Ogle, Slog, Sole
#2: Car, Lad, Cap, Lap, Par, Arc, Rap, Pal, Pad, Card, Clad, Clap, Lard, Carp, Crap, Carpal, Placard
#3: War, Art, Ran, Raw, Wan, Rat, Ant, Tan, Tar, Want, Warn, Rant, Wart, Tarn, Arrant, Warrant
#4: Cod, Cord, Cords, Did, Disc, Disco, Discord, Ids, Odd, Odds, Rid, Rids, Rod, Rods, Sir, Sod, Sordid, Dor
#5: Lay, Bit, Bay, Lit, Bat, Ail, Lab, Tail, Bait, Bail, Ably, Italy, Laity, Alibi, Tibia, Ability
#6: Appal, Applaud, Dual, Lad, Lap, Laud, Pad, Pal, Pap, Papa, Papal, Pulp, Pup, Pupa, Pupal
#7: Egg, Gel, Glue, Gruel, Jug, Juggle, Juggler, Leg, Lug, Lure, Rue, Rug, Rule, Urge, Gurgle
#8: Fit, Flip, Flit, Lift, Lip, Lit, Pit, Put, Tip, Tulip, Uplift, Full, Fill, Pill, Pull, Till, Lilt, Ill
#9: Ace, Acquire, Acre, Air, Arc, Are, Car, Care, Cue, Cur, Cure, Ear, Era, Ice, Ire, Race, Rice, Rue, Uric
#10: Heir, Her, Hire, Hit, Hive, Ire, Rite, Rivet, The, Their, Thrive, Tie, Tier, Tire, Vet, Vie

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