Word Cookies Chocolate Pack Answers

Word Cookies Chocolate Answers, Solutions and Cheats to all levels. Created by BitMango comes this exciting new and addicting trivia word game for iOS and Android devices. We’ve solved each and every level to bring you a full walkthrough guide to help you complete every stage and solution. You can download this game on your iPhone, IPad, iPod Touch or Android device for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Word Cookies is the world’s best word puzzle game and theres a reason for that. From the same creators of Roll the Ball – slide puzzle comes this very addicting and exciting word game that you’ll struggle to put down. It’s your job to find all the hidden words from the letters given in a bowl.

Word Cookies Chocolate Answers All Levels

#1: Aid, Air, Rad, Raw, Rid, War, Arid, Draw, Raid, Ward, Wizard
#2: Not, Nut, Out, Ton, Tot, Tun, Tout, Unto, Mount, Mutton
#3: Inn, Ire, New, Win, Nine, Rein, Weir, Wine, Wire, Wren, Inner, Winner
#4: Ace, Fad, Fed, Aced, Cafe, Deaf, Face, Fade, Faced, Facade
#5: Din, Don, Ion, Nod, Now, Own, Win, Won, Down, Wind, Widow, Window

#6: Cot, Sky, Soy, Toy, Cost, Cosy, Cots, Cyst, Sock, Toys, Stock, Stocky
#7: Ink, Inn, Kin, Nan, Nap, Nip, Pan, Pin, Akin, Pain, Pink, Napkin
#8: Big, Bit, Hit, Rib, Rig, Brig, Girt, Grit, Birth, Girth, Right, Bright
#9: Get, Hey, Hit, The, Thy, Tie, Yet, They, Yeti, Eight, Eighty
#10: Egg, Get, Gnu, Gun, Gut, Net, Nut, Ten, Tug, Tun, Tune, Mugget

Word Cookies Answers Commis Chef Chocolate

#11: Dig, Din, Dog, Don, Gin, God, Ion, Nod, Ding, Doing, Indigo
#12: Did, Die, Ice, Cede, Deed, Dice, Died, Iced, Ceded, Diced, Decide
#13: Bum, Elm, Emu, Hem, Hub, Hue, Hum, Blue, Helm, Mule, Humble
#14: Dig, Din, Dog, Don, Gin, God, Ion, Nod, Zig, Ding, Zion, Doing, Dozing
#15: Mat, Moo, Oat, Tat, Too, Tot, Atom, Moat, Moot, Motta, Tomato

#16: Log, Oil, Logo, Logs, Oils, Oslo, Silo, Slog, Soil, Solo, Igloo, Igloos
#17: Eon, Foe, For, Nor, One, Ore, Roe, Fern, Fore, Zero, Zone, Froze, Frozen
#18: Ire, Per,Pie, Pip, Rep, Rip, Zip, Pier, Pipe, Ripe, Piper, Prize, Zipper
#19: Eon, Lop, One, Pen, Lone, Lope, Noel, Open, Poen, Pole, Poll, Pollen
#20: Ice, Pie, Psi, Sec, Sip, Epic, Pies, Spec, Epics, Spice, Biceps

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