Word Bakery Walnut Waffle Answers All Levels

Word Bakery Walnut Waffle Answers All Levels. We’ve solved all the cheats and solutions for Word Bakery Walnut Waffle by Piano Music House. You can download this game from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device for free. Solving bakery related levels has never been more fun. Who doesn’t love some good donuts?

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Word Bakery Walnut Waffle Solutions

Level 1. arm, dam, mad, mar, rad, ram, drama
Level 2. cue, clue, lune, uncle
Level 3. sue, use, sues, uses, guess
Level 4. dim, hid, him, hum, mid, mud, humid
Level 5. eve, fee, ref, rev, ever, free, reef, fever
Level 6. bye, lye, bell, yell, belly
Level 7. bum, but, hub, hum, hut, tub, thumb
Level 8. dog, dug, duo, god, hod, hog, hug, dough
Level 9. arm, mar, may, ram, ray, yam, army, marry
Level 10. ant, hat, tan, tank, than, thank
Level 11. air, far, fir, fry, ray, airy, fair, fray, fairy
Level 12. ebb, babe, bake, beak, kebab
Level 13. cup, hop, chop, coup, pouch
Level 14. low, old, owl, rod, row, lord, word, world
Level 15. hid, hit, rid, dirt, third
Level 16. eve, net, tee, ten, vet, even, teen, vent, event
Level 17. gin, hit, nit, tin, hint, thin, night, thing
Level 18. ion, nap, nip, pan, pin, pain, piano
Level 19. ash, ask, has, sea, she, shake
Level 20. lip, lop, oil, sip, sop, lips, lisp, oils, silo, slip, slop, soil, spoil

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