Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Walkthrough, Cheats and Gameplay

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Walkthrough and Gameplay for all the levels and packs which are associated with this game. Created by Metamoki and playable on both iOS and Android devices for free. Whether you’re needing help growing weed or want some insight on how to play then stay tuned as we help you play this great tap game. We’ve got a review on Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm here. It’s your job to start an Weed empire, Starting from the ground up as you upgrade to fancy equipment and finer buds. Level up and get the best and unique unlockables to be the envy off your mates.

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Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Walkthrough All Parts

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm (by Metamoki Inc.) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOs Android)

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm (by Metamoki Inc.) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (iOs Android)

Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Review for iOS and Android

100 Pics Colours Answers Levels 1-100 Solutions