Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Review for iOS and Android

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Review, Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS devices. If you we’re a fan of ‘Bud …

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Review, Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS devices. If you we’re a fan of ‘Bud Farm’ then look out as this game is about to knock your socks off. It’s now time to not only grow you’re own plants but to also follow in the not so young now entrepreneur, Wiz Khalifa’s footsteps. Time to grow the finest kush for your valued clients but also invest back into your operation to grow (Mind the pun) into a multi-billion dollar empire.

You’ll start from the ground up with basic equipment but will be able to expand as you earn some $$, Upgrading with hydroponics and the latest in LED grow lights. It will be your task to get your business out there by doing ads in the paper and word of mouth, Treat your clients well and they’ll bring you more customers. Once you’ve levelled up multiple times you’ll start earning rare mystery strains and some nifty accessories which will help you stand out from the crowd.

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We found this game very enjoyable and wanted to share our experience, We did however have troubles with starting off but luckily the creators of Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, Metamoki have a great guide on their website which tells us how to play. Some things we think you should know are:


  • Watering and upgrading your plants yield higher returns
  • Enter watering mode by tapping the droplet in lower right hand corner
  • Upgrading a plot is as easy as holding down the plot
  • Levelling up unlocks more planter beds
  • Earning higher grow op involves upgrading to better quality weed strains, Click the Weed leaf for more
  • You can only harvest once a vehicle arrives next to your empire tap on the car to send the weed for the Dispensary

What you need to know!

Wiz Khalifa How to Play
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  1. This jar button will open up access to all of your collected weed strains, and let you discover new strains! If you are just starting out, you don’t have to worry about this part for now.
  2. This shows you how many Weed Coins you have, how much Cash you’ve collected and how many gems you have. Good info to know when upgrading your grow op.
  3. This is your vehicle.  When the dispensaries open up, you can harvest your weed and sell it at the dispensary for cash! Harvesting your weed means you have to start over and grow a new batch, but the cash you earn is worth it.
  4. These buttons let you water your weed and buy upgrades for your grow.  These are very important, so each will be explained in more detail below, under “Watering your Weed” and “Upgrading your Grow”.

Overall this game is a must download and we know it will be a huge success, Whether or not you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device you can pick up Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Remember there is in-app purchases but aren’t required to play the game in it’s entirety.

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm (By Metamoki Inc) – IOS/Android Gameplay

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