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What’s the Car? – Answers and Cheats

What’s the Car? Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all levels. How much do you know about cars? Test your knowledge on this trivia quiz game. What’s the Car? is a free download and can be picked up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and/or Android device. Let’s jump into the What’s the Car? Levels 1-38 Answers, Cheats and Solutions.

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What’s the Car? Answers:

[column size=”1/2″]Level 1: BClass
Level 2: Galaxy
Level 3: 2Series
Level 4: 3008
Level 5: C4Picasso
Level 6: Mazda5
Level 7: RClass
Level 8: Zafira
Level 9: Priusplus
Level 10: Grandscenic
Level 11: Touran
Level 12: VClass
Level 13: Sedona
Level 14: Grandcmax
Level 15: Meriva
Level 16: Carens
Level 17: Scenic
Level 18: Tourneo
Level 19: Viano
Level 20: JX
Level 21: 500L
Level 22: Cmax
Level 23: Alhambra
Level 24: 5008
Level 25: C3Picasso
Level 26: Bmax
Level 27: Qubo
Level 28: Roomster
Level 29: GL8
Level 30: Caddy
Level 31: Doblo
Level 32: Sharan
Level 33: Turismo
Level 34: Rodius
Level 35: Smax
Level 36: Verso
Level 37: Berlingo
Level 38: Venga[/column]

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