What’s that Place? Answers All Levels

What’s that Place? Answers for all levels and packs. Created by ThinkCube Inc for iOS and Android devices. We’ve solved all the Guess What’s the Place? Cheats, Solutions and Answers to bring you a full walkthrough guide to each and every level. It’s time to travel around the world (Virtually) and guess all these famous cities and landmarks, There’s a lot of cities and countries to guess and it’s vital to use our guide below.

Available for download on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices now from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free. If you’re stuck on a particular level and need help solving then use our cheat game guide below to help yourself out of a tricky situation. Hurry up and download this game now for free.

What’s that Place? Answers for All Levels

Level 1: Egypt
Level 2: Paris
Level 3: United Kingdom
Level 4: Beijing
Level 5: Las Vegas
Level 6: Toronto
Level 7: Niagara Falls
Level 8: London
Level 9: Sydney
Level 10: Pisa
Level 11: India
Level 12: South Dakota
Level 13: Russia
Level 14: United States
Level 15: San Francisco
Level 16: New York
Level 17: Rome
Level 18: Japan
Level 19: China
Level 20: Los Angeles
Level 21: New York
Level 22: Bangkok
Level 23: Mongolia
Level 24: Shanghai
Level 25: Venezuela
Level 26: Portugal
Level 27: Berlin
Level 28: Prague
Level 29: New Zealand
Level 30: India
Level 31: Barcelona
Level 32: Santorini
Level 33: Germany
Level 34: Zambia
Level 35: Granada
Level 36: Bolivia
Level 37: Vienna
Level 38: Colombia
Level 39: Netherlands
Level 40: Greece
Level 41: London
Level 42: Hong Kong
Level 43: Washington
Level 44: Ottawa
Level 45: Mexico
Level 46: Brazil
Level 47: Bhutan
Level 48: Kyoto
Level 49: Spain
Level 50: United Kingdom
Level 51: Kazakhstan
Level 52: Florence
Level 53: Kiev
Level 54: Israel
Level 55: St.louis
Level 56: California
Level 57: Kamakura
Level 58: Utah
Level 59: California
Level 60: Venice

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