Weed Firm: Cheats – Tips n Tricks

Now this is not going to be a hit game like Clash of Clans or even HayDay. But Weed Firm has some similarities with farming and Grand Theft Auto. Use the Cheats – Tips and Tricks below to help your way through the tough job of being a Drug Dealer. You might even learn some useful skills along the way to help your fully legal business turn into the best selling medicinal weed seller.


Do Business With your Clients

When your loyal clients come to visit your fancy firm you’ll get a few options to choose from. You can sell them for the amount they ask or you can use ‘trick of the trade’ and choose the ‘roll a joint’ option. This can dramatically increase your sales but can also backfire quite badly, Use the guide below to help determine which ones are duds and which ones to strike for.

Naomi – Model: 100% of the time Naomi will decide to buy more after “rolling a joint.”

Nancy – MILF next door: 100% of the time Nancy from next door will spring on the chance for an up-sell, and she pays more than the average customer.

Ultimator  – Hardcore Partier: 100% of the time Ultimater the all night partier will change his mind and decide to purchase more product. He’s not great at math, so sometimes he’ll greatly overpay.

Sandy – Cheerleader: 100% of the time Sandy the cheerleader with a bad habit will decide to buy more product after smoking. She doesn’t typically pay as much as your other customers, but she’s certainly reliable.

Lucy – Nurse: 50% of the time Lucy the nurse will increase her original amount, sometimes doubling or tripling the amount.

Ian – DJ: 50% of the time Ian will buy a little extra, the other half of the time he runs home because he forgot to turn off his turntables.

Bob – Rastaman: 25% of the time Bob will decide to buy more, and when he does he typically increases the amount by a lot.

Mike – Plumber: 25% of the time Mike will take you up on your offer and decide to buy more.

Lee – Mechanic: 25% of the time Lee will spring for a larger amount after smoking with you, but when he does increase his purchase it’s not by much.

Jane – Stripper: 10% of the time Jane will opt for a larger amount of product, buy usually only by 1 or 2. Keep in mind, it costs you 1 weed to smoke with a customer, so don’t bother trying to upsell Jane.

Mary – Artist: 10% of the time Mary will decide to buy an extra weed, making it not worth it to roll with her.

Ryan – Unemployed: 10% of the time Ryan will change his mind about the amount he wants to buy. However, he’s still your worst customer as he underpays and never purchases a large amount of product.


Pay the Gangsters

Just like in real life you do not want to mess when the gangsters, Pay them or they’ll rob you. Always keep enough cash on your just incase your friendly spiderman shows up. Its defiantly a lot cheaper to pay them then for them to raid your legal operation. You can also buy a safe incase you have no cash on hand and they ransack your business, This will allow you to lock up your supplies where the gangsters cannot get them.

Tip: If your quick you can quickly put all your goods in your safe so if you don’t pay them they have nothing to steal.


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