Weave the Line Full Game Walkthrough

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       Weave the Line is an unique, entertaining puzzle game developed by Lion Studio. The player has to weave the pattern of the provided diagram with new drawn lines. You’ll often need to drag a line to a point, and then divide it into two new lines. The new lines can also be divided. A few lines can weave countless amazing patterns while the game features three modes: classic, mirror, and 2 colors. In Classic puzzles, you can’t have two overlapping lines. They can cross each other, but can’t take up the same space. With Mirror puzzles, the line you’ll draw will be reflected accordingly while the original lines and the reflection can overlap each other. With 2 Colors, you’ll have to control two separated shapes. The two colors can overlap each other whereas double-tapping will switch colors.

     Some patterns may look simple but they are all intriguing. Some others may seem complicated while they are mainly ordinary. The ‘2 Colors’ game mode is seemingly the tougher standard of the game and you shouldn’t hasten at any costs. In Weave the Line you just need to observe very carefully and make the lines match together. The game will certainly entertain and agonize you in the same time. You’ll train your reflexes and observing skills when matching the displayed figurations and your movements will perfect efficiently after several tryouts. With a total of 265 challenging levels the player will always have a reason to come back and spend some more time within Weave the Line. The app offers a linear gameplay which confronts the player with a fixed sequence of challenges. Every player faces the same challenges and has to overcome them only in the specific given order. You just need to look carefully and try matching accordingly, and surely you’ll enjoy a series of puzzle gaming delight. Rely on the following video walkthroughs of the game:

Classic/ Levels 1-82 Solved:

Mirror/ Levels 1-90 Solved:

2 Colors/ Levels 1-93 Solved:

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