The Walking Dead A New Frontier Walkthrough All Levels

The Walking Dead A New Frontier Walkthrough and Cheat guide for all levels and chapters. We’ve solved and bring you a full walkthrough guide for each and every episodes and other levels and chapters. Created by Telltale Inc for both the iOS and Android markets. Made for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices and can be picked up from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play store for a small price.

Enjoyed the series and now want to take it to mobile? With Episode 2 being free this is currently a steal. When family is the only thing you have left it’s time to protect them by simply how far will you go? Javier is determined to find out what happend to his parents and he’ll do anything it takes to get answers. You find another girl in your adventures, Clementine is her name and you realise she also has had her  own unimaginable loss.

The Walking Dead A New Frontier Walkthrough All Episodes

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