Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Walkthrough

Please find below the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Walkthrough. This guide will definitely help you unlock 100% of the game. Please use our help only if you are stuck on a specific level of Virtual Villagers. Without losing any further time we are sharing below for you the Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Walkthrough.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Walkthrough

The idea behind this amazingly and smart created game is to simulate real life as a tribe.  Basically you are given powers to solve any of the puzzles. Here are some of the stuff you can do within the game:

  • Move people around – Tell them what to do
  • Expand the community – You can drag opposite genders above each other in order to form new life. It usually takes 3 hours for the offspring to be born but its very much needed if you want the population to continue growing.
  • You can build things
  • Craft Items – You can basically mix, cook, craft etc
  • Explore the Island – There are a lot of hidden spots waiting for you to solve. Please keep in mind that weather conditions also affect the game as well.

 Virtual Villager Origins 2 sim game brings you back to the beginning of life on the beautifully designed island of Isola. The villagers find themselves on the lost island, with new challenges, puzzles, threats, and secrets. Your goal is to build a sustainable life at the island. You can achieve all that by pollinating new lives, customizing villagers, discovering new places and beings, as well as unlocking secret locations and much much more. Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is pretty interesting and inclusive. You literally become the master of your own island and are in charge of all the life within. The simulation happens in real time and the customizing ability makes it possible that no two tribes will ever be the same. You’ll have to grow, treat and take care of the children and families of your island. You must train the villagers accordingly so that they become capable at various performing skill tasks around the island in order to survive in a healthy way into this new revealed world. Explore the magical island while solving puzzles and uncovering random mysterious secrets. Make sure to build a sustainable village up from ruins and to unlock improved food sources with farming and fishing abilities. You can as well craft unique resources by combining items with other elements. I.e, you can combine Rope with Vine and Vine, and you can combine Silk by Spiderweb and Spiderweb. Of course there are more combinations and possibilities. We have figured out the most of them, check out the below list and learn how to combine these elements with one-another:

  • Oil = Coal + water
  • Stone = Lava + Water
  • Steam = Air + Water
  • Ash = Fire + Dust
  • Clay = Red Earth + Water
  • Energy = Air + Fire
  • Dust = Earth + Air
  • Bacteria = Algae + Water
  • Mixed Herbs = Grass+ Wheat Grass
  • Silk = Spiderweb + Spiderweb
  • Clay Brick = Clay + Fire
  • Metal = Stone + Fire
  • Dough = Flour + Water
  • Fertilizer = Mixed herbs + earth
  • Glass = Sand + Fire
  • Flour = Wheat + Stone
  • Limestone = Seashell + Stone
  • Cement = Stone + Clay
  • Ceramic = Limestone + Cement
  • Potion = Magic + Water
  • Worm = Fertilizer +Bacteria
  • Mini Eggs = Bacteria + Pond water
  • Rope = Vine + Vine
  • Antidote = Poison + Magic
  • Red Butterfly = Strawberry + worm
  • Blue Butterfly = Blueberry + worm
  • Green Butterfly = Worm + Mixed greens
  • Sulfur = Fertilizer + Limestone
  • Forge Bucket = Ceramic + Clay
  • Red Butterfly = Strawberry + Worm
  • Orange Butterfly = Orange + Worm
  • Blue Butterfly = Blueberry + Worm
  • Green Butterfly = Mixed herbs + Worm
  • Red Glass = Red Butterfly + Glass
  • Yellow Glass = Sulphur Glass
  • Blue Glass = Blue Butterfly + Glass
  • Magic concentrate = Magic + Magic
  • Jumping potion = Magic concentrate + Air

The villagers can also be upgraded. They can power-up with magical items to obviously improve their productivity as well as their life expectancy. Don’t forget to check in the game as regularly as you can as the game gives you daily rewards. The game will just keep getting better and better after time. The many challenges make the game addictive and tempting though you would probably play it a lot more if it didn’t require an internet connectivity all the time. We are almost sure that you’ll certainly like the island theme and the mysteries occuring. It’s a pretty cool game if you’re looking for something to play now and again to pass some spare time. It may take some time to accomplish certain tasks but as long as you’re patient you can get things done successfully. You don’t even have to always be active, as while the app is closed the villagers continue with their lives and with their asked routines. If you get stuck rely on the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:


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