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     Up Left Out is a funny and relaxing puzzle game developed by Maciej Targoni. The goal in this game is to unlock all the elements on the board. The game uses simple tile sliding mechanics which you’ll have to adjust properly in order to unblock all the blocks and move into the next ones. Up Left Out presents a minimalistic puzzle which includes no texts, no delays, and all you have to do is to unlock the boards of all the 50 levels of the game.

    Up Left Out assigns players with sliding pieces around the game board with the goal of breaking each piece free of the pin holding it and then link up the pieces to create one or more closed loops when needed. In every tile there’s a line which indicates its range and movement direction. Keep in mind that some tiles can only go up and down, some others from side to side while somes other are a mix of both, and that’s one of the most challenging features of this puzzle.

     The game doesn’t give any instructions to the players on how to use the game’s mechanics or how to solve the given puzzles, although the simplicity of the gameplay is pretty clear. Instead, the game eventually introduces the new mechanics and applications as the game progresses. Up Left Out is designed to be more of a deliberate relaxing experience, as there are no scores, no timers or turns to worry about.

    While the game starts off rather easy it gradually increases the difficulty as new mechanics are added throughout. The main method of sliding things remains the same, but you’ll have to work around buttons, different sized tiles, corner directions, and many more. The game’s design stays simple, but clever. Even when new mechanics will be added, the game will throw you certain easier levels to make sure you’ll feel comfortable and accomplished.

     Up Left Out doesn’t truly redefine the puzzle genre or doesn’t even create an experience you’ll still think about days later, but it’s indeed a good, funny, clever, and extremely well-made puzzle game that will keep you stuck with its peaceful and simple gameplay as long as you pass all the 50 levels of this marvelous puzzle. You may get stressed out in the trickier levels, but you can also watch our following video walkthrough for all the 51 levels of the game:

Up Left Out worths $0.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Click on the following icons to download the app:




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