UNWYND for iOS – Walkthrough, Cheats and Answers

One word, Addiction. Get prepared for the latest hit to cram its way through the App Store, Unwynd. Unwynd is your new favorite friend as it offers a sleep and sharp puzzle experience to each and every single one of you’s. Below is a walkthrough for UNWYND to help you get your way through this what seems to be simple game, Though its not, Easier. You can download the game for FREE from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store right now.

How do you play? We got a little confused at the start and we think others might to. Simply each player needs to use swipe gestures in order to pull down these colored ribbons that mark the blocks on screen based on their respective colors resulting in different combinations of O and X patterns. A cool thing about this game is there are not only one but multiple ways of solving each level giving the player a more unique feel to the game.

Get the game now and join in the fun below. Thanks for checking out the UNWYND Cheats, Solutions and Walkthrough on AppCheating, Hope to see you again soon.

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UNWYND Levels 1-16 Walkthrough

UNWYND Levels 17-32 Walkthrough

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