Under The Sun – A 4D Puzzle Game – Review and Walkthrough

It’s been a while since we’ve had a real fun and addicting game to play while we travel the bus or wait for the train. Stegabyte have come to save the day by creating this fun yet addicting puzzle game, However this isn’t any ordinary puzzle game this is 4D. (not really;)). Under The Sun is available from the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5.1.1 and later, Best of all it’s a free download.

Under The Sun is quite simply amazing as the game has a basic feel to it however the graphics are stunning and the further you get into the game the funner it becomes. While playing timing is everything and if you mess up one step you will die to early, Meaning you get a certain amount of moves your allowed and cannot exceed this, However if you do make a mistake you do not need to restart but instead use the scroll wheel on the side of your screen giving you the option to go back each step at a time or straight back to the beginning, This is nifty and we’ve never seen this on a game before. Giving the player more control yet not making them rage by having to restart every time they make a mistake.

So if you enjoy a challenge yet not a headache grab Under the Sun and give it a go. It features over 50 levels from the time of posting and has amazing four-dimensional puzzles. Download it now and tell us below what your thoughts are.

Under The Sun – A 4D Puzzle game Walkthrough: Area 1 Levels 1-6:

Currently being uploaded.

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