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    Ultra Sharp is the highly anticipated continuance of Super Sharp (App Store Best of 2015). The app is developed by the same creators, 1Button SARL, and its premise presents one of the most challenging and simplistic puzzles there is. The gameplay remains pretty simple. You just have to swipe your finger across an object in each level in order to cut it and the goal is to hit the displayed star by applying simple cutting physics. Each level submits a different type of object to cut and a different method to cut. Sometimes you’ll may have to cut a single wooden log placed on the ground while some other times it may be a hanging log. You have to make a precise cut in way that the cut piece will touch the star and finish the level.

    In each level you win a certain crown in the cases when you finish the level using the minimal number of cuts. If you can’t figure out how to pass a particular level, you can skip it and try it later. There are 288 levels in total so far to keep you busy while the game’s consequent updates add levels from time to time and the difficulty just keeps increasing.

    This simple puzzler has a surprising and warm level design, but it’s also fair to mention that you can only really enjoy the game if you get rid of the ads. The ads at the bottom of the screen are persistent and you’ll often also see random full-screen ads. If you really like the game, you can remove all ads with a one-time purchase of 1.99$.

     At the early stages, things start out pretty simple. Most of these levels involve the simple task of just cutting an object to make a piece of it fall and so hit the star below. Though things don’t stay simple for too long, and that’s what makes Ultra Sharp one of the most addictive and challenging games of the puzzle genre. The later levels will involve anti-gravity pads, stars that can only be picked up by objects of a specific color, objects with stars embedded upon them, as well as clearing the screen of objects in as few cuts as possible.

    The sequel to Super Sharp, Ultra Sharp features over 288 handmade levels where your finger acts as a cutting instrument, and it has never been so sharp! Become a cut master and absorb into the impressive gameplay of this exciting puzzle. If you get stuck into the game rely on the following video walkthroughs of the game:

Since it’s free, you can download it for yourself by clicking the following icon:










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