Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain Walkthrough and Answers

Tricky Test 2 Genius Brain Walkthrough, Answers and Cheats. We’ve solved all the levels to help you complete this tricky and addicting game that is simply fun. Created by Orangenose Studios, Tricky Test 2 Genius Brain is a game in which players need to solve puzzle games with a series of cunning brain teasers and absurd solutions that you will never ever thought of!

You can download Tricky Test 2 from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. Let’s join 5 million other players and dive straight into the Tricky Test 2 Answers, Cheats, Solutions and Walkthrough for all levels and packs, There’s over 100 of them.

Tricky Test 2 Genius Brain Walkthrough:

Level 1: Tap the green button 3 times, you can move to level 2.
Level 2: 3 Holes in the underwear
Level 3: Literally drag ‘Me’ into the box
Level 4: Tap 20, 14, 9, 43, 45, 10
Level 5: Cloud
Level 6: Scratch Card
Level 7: 6 Holes
Level 8: Chicago
Level 9: Pull the dog and cat apart with two fingers
Level 10: Bear B
Level 11: Tap on 5 mice running left
Level 12: Literally tap the word ‘elephant’
Level 13: Rotate your device to landscape
Level 14: Tap till -1
Level 15: Tap the ‘3rd’ in the clue
Level 16: Light the 2nd candle and tilt device to one side
Level 17: Drag word elephant to the fridge
Level 18: Drag eggs together with two fingers, White breaks
Level 19: Shake your device
Level 20: Owls are stacked, Drag them off – Answer is 9

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