Trick Shot Game Walkthrough

      Trick Shot is an outstanding puzzle developed by Jonathan Topf. A beautifully minimalist physics-based puzzler, that’s all about bouncing a ball in order that it lands perfectly inside a box without touching any of the sides. For such a simple premise, the gameplay that emerges is deeply satisfying, especially in the later levels when you’ll have to finesse the ball’s flight path so it weaves through complicated mazes and obstacles. A game where all you do is throw a ball into a box, simple? We don’t really think so, due to as the name itself suggests it’s the trickier it could it possibly be.

     Trick Shot features 100 levels and an infinite supply of bouncy balls to get that perfect shot. It has wonderful and unique visuals that deservedly has won many, many awards in different countries and premises. Everything within the game is pretty minimalistic. You’re presented with a simple box and a small area with dotted red lines, all placed against a blank grey background. When you drag your finger in the dotted area, a ball appears with a line extending through it. When you let it go the ball will be fired as you aim into the box. The line that appears through the ball represents the angle and power of your shot, and a ghost of your last attempt always remains to help you with your next one. That’s pretty much all about the game. You fire the ball towards the box, if you succeed you move on to the next leave, and if you fail you just have try again. There will be obstacles that get increasingly more difficult to deal with like wooden planks, fans, and teleporters. Even though the mechanics may seem pretty simple, the game is not simple at all.

    On the bottom line, Trick Shot is one of the most challenging, unique physics-based puzzles games you’ve played in a really long time. The game is quite fun without even including any animations or beautiful aesthetics. If you get stuck between the levels watch the following video walkthrough for all the 100 levels of the game:

Click here to download the game on iOS:



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