Tomb Of the Mask Game Walkthrough

#3 in Action

       Tomb Of the Mask is a puzzling action game developed by Playgendary. In Tomb Of the Mask, you play as an explorer of dungeons who must grab as many dots and stars as you can, while also avoiding pitfalls and a continuous rising water. Your character can move only in one direction at a time, rather horizontal or vertical, until it would be impossible to go any further. This feature makes Tomb Of the Mask to resemble a lot with Pac-Man.

     Tomb of the Mask is a retro style game about a lightning fast guy, a large tomb, and a mysterious shiny liquid that’s quickly flooding everything. Your mission in this game is simple; dash up the tomb and collect coins while avoiding the drown in the mysterious shiny liquid and the many traps that the game will throw you. The trick to the gameplay is that you can only move in one direction at a time, and continue in that direction until you can’t go any further. Move to the left, for instance, and you’ll keep walking until you hit a wall … which often will be adorned with deadly spikes. By swiping (up, down, left, or right) your character will instantly curl (up, down, left, or right) as far as y hitting something and stopping. So to run left along a corridor and then jump to the next level, all you do is “swipe left” and then “up.” Easy to understand, and even easier to use! Unlike Pac-Man, in Tomb of the Mask, you move a lot faster.

     Rather than the spikes, most obstacles will be time-based. You’ll need to swipe at just the right moment to bypass bats, or sneak past a raider fish before it gets you. Keeping with the fast-paced nature of the game, though, you’ll be dealing with many of these obstacles in microseconds, and you can’t exactly wait it out if you want to avoid the hot wall of death creeping up behind you. There are also powerups which you can collect to give you temporary advantages, like freezing enemies in their place or having your avatar act as a magnet for coins and dots. These powerups can be upgraded with the coins you earn, and you can even unlock permanent perks by purchasing different masks.

    Tomb of the Mask is a game of precision and quick thinking and yet remains very accessible. If you stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:

Stages 1-13:

Stages 14-22:

Stages 23-29:

Stages 30-37:

Stages 38-46:

Stages 47-55:

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