Titan Brawl Strategy Guide and Gameplay

Titan Brawl Strategy Guide and Gameplay for all levels. This game is created by Omnidrone for iOS and Android devices. Having trouble with collecting champions? Than not to worry as we bring you a full game guide with full explanations on completing this insanely addictive game as we bring you a full walkthrough on how to complete it. We’re glad Titan Brawl comes as a free download so everyone can enjoy it on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touches or Android devices from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Titan Brawl is all you need as this will be the last multiplayer online battle game that you’ll need as you try to push your strategic skills to the max while you battle it out for 3 minutes as you try to take down your opponent. Along the way you collect champions and this is where we come into play helping you collect more without doing the extra work. With many game modes to choose from including Multiplayer and PvP battles it’s sure to be a boredom waster as you spend time assembling your team of ex military and turn them from brawlers to ancient gods.  While levelling up and destroying your opponents this is going to be one hard game to put down. Show your leadership skills and complete all 30 fights in campaign mode.

Titan Brawl Strategy Guide:

Titan Brawl by Omnidrone (iOS/Android)

I made it to Titan Brawl Elite Rank. The rewards are sweet. It’s all about the team you choose.

Titan Brawl Epic Champion

Titan Brawl Diamond

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