The Room Three

The Room Three [3] – Walkthrough and Hitns

The Room Three Walkthrough for the hit iOS game. Featuring Tricks and Hints making this game a walk in the park. The Room Three has been featured on the Best New Apps on the iTunes App Store this week and for everyone who’s played it, You’ll know why. Below is a live stream that I recently just did playing through ‘most’ of the game however due to my phone dying and feeling like it was on fire it had ended, But not to worry. We’ll do a write up on what to do on every single bit, Just incase you hate videos ;).

As of right now the video will be embedded and we’re writing up the full detailed walkthrough from start to finish, So please bare with us. Hope you enjoyed the game and if you haven’t check it out, We’ve got a link below #SlightlyPricey. Lets begin the The Room Three Walkthrough and Tips.

The Room Three FULL Walkthrough

(You may want to mute the video, Its a bit shot ;))

(AppUnWrapper’s Video)



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Chapter One: The Lighthouse

  1. The beginning is a tutorial, But don’t worry, It hardly helps you for the adventure ahead ;). You first see the journal on the table, Pick it up and go through it. A box now appears on the table with a key on top, Take this! (FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTO, SIGH)
  2. As you’ll notice, There’s NO key hole on the box and you need the eyepiece to see it, So we’ll need to jump on over to the suitcase. As shown by the arrows you’ll need to swipe both left and right locks outwards which will open the suitcase. Zoom into the metal thing on the top of the lid and slide it out of the way and you’re greeted with the eyepiece.



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