The Hardest Flight Review – The New Flappy Birds?

Checked out this game? Ahh you need to. The Hardest Flight, Is well one hard flight. The game itself is a whole ton of fun, thats if you don’t rage to easy. The aim of The Hardest Flight is to fly as far as you possibly can. The Hardest Flight is developed by the group Chillingo LTD and is available on both the iPhone/iPad and iPod and android devices from their appropriate App Stores.

Ever wanted to navigate your way through the lovely, Bright starry space? Well jump on board and guide your way through the endless colored barriers and earn your top score. This game is fast paced and can make you rage quite easy, As we all agree here this is one of the hardest and most challenging games on the App Store to date.

Want to know how to play? Excellent, Word on the street is this is quite important (Don’t quote us on that).

  • Tilt your device to turn your ship
  • Tap and hold either the left or right to match your shield color to the barrier
  • Hold left for blue, hold right for pink and release for PURPLE!
  • BRAGGING Rights, Connect your game to your Facebook

Out the end of the day, this game was one great ton of fun, And if you enjoy these style games you’re gonna love it. Give it a go and download it, Best of all its Free and leave your high scorest below and see if others can beat it. When we find some tips and/or tricks/cheats we’ll update this page to accompany the review. Thanks and if you enjoyed please share this with your friends.

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