The 7 Second Challenge – Share Your Videos and Review

The 7 Second Challenge has blown up within the last day being made famous by YouTubers competing against each other in The 7 Second Challenge. Offering 100’s of challenges and even a Party Mode (This is cool) and the awesome ability to share your challenge with the world.

The 7 Second Challenge will put you in hysterics as you will have such a good time play not only with yourself but with all your friends and even random people. With the ability to choose ‘Party Mode’ Enabling you to face off against a maximum of four friends to see who actually is the true challenge master? Think you have a challenge to add to The 7 Second Challenge? Submit them in the app for your chance to feature in 7SC.

Now, The point of this page. Below we would love for you to submit your most hilarious and somewhat quirky 7 Second Challenge videos. Post the link to your YouTube Video, Not only giving you views but for people to have a laugh, You may even meet some new friends. Are you daring enough?

We absolutely find T7SC game to be hilarious and great fun. The game is playable on iOS and Android and If you want to pick it up for yourself, Check out the link below to download The 7 Second Challenge and add us to your Game Center: dylanando

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