Teaser Trivia Game for Minecraft Answers All Levels

Teaser Trivia Game for Minecraft Answers and Cheats for all levels. Created by App Eminence for both iOS and Android devices for free. This is a great game for anyone who’s a fan of Minecraft but can get especially hard with it’s hundreds of levels. This is why we bring you a full walkthrough guide to all levels to help you out of these sticky situations. Not only are you trying to guess the hundreds of players but you can also work your way up on the global leaderboards, These solutions will help you with that.

This game is a great companion for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device as it can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free. Whether your stuck on just one level or all the levels this walkthrough game guide below will get you the help you need and being able to continue the great game. Enjoy our walkthrough guide for all levels and packs below.

Teaser Trivia Game for Minecraft Answers

Level 1: Axe
Level 2: Anvil
Level 3: Map
Level 4: Gray Wool
Level 5: Dropper
Level 6: Glowstone
Level 7: Item Frame
Level 8: Bookshelf
Level 9: Redstone Torch
Level 10: Minerals
Level 11: Bow
Level 12: Glass Panes
Level 13: Tnt
Level 14: Fence Gate
Level 15: Shovel
Level 16: Bed
Level 17: Gold Ingot
Level 18: Coarse Dirt
Level 19: Chest
Level 20: Purple Dye

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