Tap Titans 2 Equipment Types and Bonuses

Tap Titans 2 Equipment Types and Bonuses created and developed by Game Hive Corp. It’s time to defend the world from all the invading Titans and power up your crusty old sword and defeat all 120 Titans Across the 10 realms. Recruit pets and heroes to help you along the way. 

Tap Titans 2 is available for download on all iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android devices from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for free. If you need help with this game or any others then please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you asap. This is a free walkthrough guide to help you complete this game.

Tap Titans 2 Equipment Types and Bonuses

There are 5 types of equipment, each with their different and unique bonuses:
Slot: Description
Aura: Misc. bonuses (Reduced Titan HP, Chesterson Chance, Crit Chance)
Chest: Gold Bonus (All/Chesterson Gold)
Helmet: Individual Hero Type Bonuses (Melee/Ranged/Spell Hero damage)
Slash: Tap or Pet damage bonus
Weapon: Damage Bonuses (All Damage, All Hero Damage, Critical Strike Damage)

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