Tap Sports Baseball: Tips and Cheats

The San Francisco based publisher Glu Mobile is out it again with their new game Tap Sports Baseball, Lucky we’ve got you covered with the latest in Tap Sports Baseball tips and cheats, Scroll down for more.

Tap Sports Baseball is a hybrid of reaction time testing action games and turn based strategy games where users can compete with all their Facebook friends or even play with a randomly selected opponent. In this game users take turns at bat while running, fielding though sadly pitching are all auto-controlled.




Tips for Batting

Only thing you need to master batting in Tap Sports Baseball is timing. A Perfectly timed hit happens when the player taps the screen as soon as the ball is crossing the plate, It may take some practice getting used to but all you need to know is to try and touch the ball as it goes over the player. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this, heres a few tips to help you improve.

  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • There’s a reason it’s a cliche. Pitches in baseball are never consistent – they can be fast, slow, straight, and wild – so be careful not to time your swing with the start of the pitch and instead, tap your screen as the ball goes over the plate.
  • Watch out for curveballs. Curveballs in the game are a little wilder than in the major leagues. Occasionally the pitcher will throw a curveball that veers far to one side only to turn and glide smoothly over the plate as it approaches you. Learn to spot them early and you’ll have no trouble timing your swing with them.
  • Turn your sound on. You’ll be able to hear the ball hitting the ground if it’s low. Don’t swing if the ball hits the ground.
  • Be patient. Don’t swing at everything. Wait for the pitch that glides cleanly across the plate. Hitting a weak pitch will be an easy infield out for your opponent.
  • Don’t swing if the count is 3-0. This classic tip from little league will benefit you here too. Walks happen pretty frequently in the game, especially if your opponent’s pitcher is tiring.

Tips for Managing Your Team

Unfortunately as running, fielding and pitching are auto-controlled dosen’t mean you cant have fun playing, Though keep in mind that the AI are determined by how you manage your team. Here are some tips for managing your team off the field.

  • Use bunting to advance your runner. When your player first goes up to bat, you’ll be able to view their stats which rate their hitting, power, speed and bunt. If you have a player who doesn’t have the best hitting and power score and a runner on first, it’s wise to use the bunt to advance your runner. Although you need to sacrifice an out for this, it’s a bold-move that will pay off if you need an extra run.
  • Use the “steal” option with fast base-runners. A runner on base with a high speed score will have no problems stealing a base from your opponent.
  • Use pitch-hitters in tight gameplay scenarios. If the score is close an a weaker batter is at the plate, it’s wise to send in a pinch-hitter to clear the bases and secure a win.




Tap Sport Baseball – Cash Cheats

Just like in real life, manage your cash wisely. Free agents draft picks and coaching upgrades can all be purchased to help improve your defensive game, These may seems like good options you’re better off grabbing the coaching upgrades, Which will improve your whole teams attributes, rather than one player. Tap Sport Baseball’s currency comes in forms of cash and gold bars which can be earned by completing innings and viewing ads (Yay), or if your the rich type go and grab yourself an in app purchase. If you are after grabbing gold bars by advertisements all you need to do is tap your gold bar count on the home page of the game and proceed to the Free Gold button at the bottom of the ‘buy’ page.


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