Tap Heroes – Idle RPG Action – Game Review and Cheats

Tap Heroes – Idle RPG Action is a new game thats currently only available in the US and is FREE (Well we think) Free for us. Tap Heroes – Idle RPG Action is created by Daniel Hjelm and is quite a unique game when we think about it. This is the number 1 RPG game in Finland. Now its your turn, Download the game and come straight back!

You are to embark on a crazy yet epic journey through the bushy foresty lands with your goal being to grow to your ultimate and defeat your enemies. Tap Heroes – Idle RPG Action offers simple controls as you are able to tap your way through the forest, Caves, swamps, jungles and many more as you grow stronger and defeat more enemies. When you defeat a boss this is when you are transferred to a new area with new enemies and new terrains.

With OVER 70 different enemies and bosses to defeat, You surely wont be bored anytime soon. This is a great RPG game and is perfect when you travel the bus to work every morning or waiting for the train. You’ll be on the edge of your seat smiling. Crazy 10 worlds to discover and explore and tons of loot to find this is one hectic game.

Now what are you waiting for? Get the game on the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and start creating your fun now.
Please note: (This is article is written at free will and is in no shape affiliated with Daniel. Was written because we simply do love and enjoy this game, Good luck and have fun)


If we find some cheats we’ll post them here ASAP!

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