Switch & Drop – Review and Cheats

Switch & Drop is Chillingo’s new game, Now available. You may know them better for there games such as ‘Cut the Rope’ and ‘Parking Mania’. Below we’re gonna outline the main point of the game and the controls so you don’t need to be stuck when you first open Switch & Drop.

Switch & Drop is a new kind of block dropping games (Not like Tetris). You have the ability to switch, Drop and match the blocks to clear them. Though its just not a plain old blocks falling down and clearing them, You will also get objectives in each level as this is great idea and loads of fun. When you clear one of the special blocks you’ll notice some things have changed, We’ll leave that for you to discover (You wont be disappointed). Think after the level its worth nothing? Wrong, Each level will make a picture so you can track your journey and see an amazing picture form as you go on.

As of now there are over 100 challenging puzzles to complete and pictures to discover. Excited yet? Now lets learn how to play. Swipe left and right to match up the falling blocks, Simple right? Now once you start getting the hang of the game you may notice after you clear 4 or more blocks of the same color you will create a special block :O.

Now thats about it, Go and download the game now from both iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android App Stores. We really enjoyed the game and most certainly think you will to. Tell us below your thoughts.

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