Swing Copters Review – New Flappy Birds?

After the sad sad death of Flappy Bird’s, the game by Dong Ngugen, Oh wait its back up. But are you after a game thats similar but isn’t Flappy Birds? Well Doug has got your back once again introducing Swing Copters, This game much like its brother ‘Flappy Birds’ is one hell of a frustrating game and I think you’ll agree with me. After only playing it for 3.5 seconds we closed the app in utter frustration, When you download it this will make perfect sense to you.

SwingCopter Bird/Hat

In Swing Copters you are greeted with the much love menu of Flappy Bird’s that we know and love. Basically you are a bird, with one of those cool propeller/helicopter hats, That well makes you already love the game. Though instead of you trying to squeeze your way through those Mario style pipes your trying to dodge what seems to be shaking weights suspended from again green Mario style platforms. But don’t be fooled this game is harder.. much harder, for some odd reason your Helicopter Hatted Bird flies the opposite direction you touch.

If you haven’t gotten it already download Swing Copters in the App Store, Because its FREE. But you cant go anywhere without a few advertisements banners or two around. This is a smart technique used by Doug Nguyen as we all know this is like 3000x more difficult than Flappy Bird’s so 3000x more ad views/possible clicks. But don’t despair we can choose to remove them for just 99cents, Cheers Doug!

Im sure this is long overdue and not even cool anymore but if you do want to download here are the links:

One for iOS Devices: Download Now

And one for Android: Download Now

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