Surviving Criminal Case Cheats

Have you ever been intrigued by the hit show Crime Scene Investigation CSI? or just wanted to become a police officer or investigator? Now you can do this and become criminal busting, Crime fighting investigator in the highly successful game, Criminal Case.

Criminal Case was first released on the November 15 of 2012 and has been an instant success from day one. Pretty Simple are the geniuses behind Criminal Case, A Europe based technology company specializing in Social media gaming. Criminal Case now has over 10 million active players and the second you’ll play it, You’ll know why, It even won Facebook’s 2013 Game of the Year, Impressive.

In Criminal Case, the player is the detective and will find clues to catch the killers and to be able to progress in the cases presented.  It is located in the fictional world of Grimsborough and the player becomes a part of the Police  force of Grimsborough. And like any cop on the line, the player will start as a rookie and work in a team with David Jones.  When the two of you will be on the crime scene, there will be clues on hidden spots.


In every case, You, The player will get the scores once they find the object to solve the case. These stars are used as currency throughout the game to do lab analysis of evidences, Interviewing Witnesses and even doing an autopsy of the victim’s body.

Obviously as the more and more you progress throughout Criminal Case the more and more it gets difficult. You will need to talk to the witnesses and/or possible suspects and analyze the evidence. The best bit about Criminal Case is that there’s never a dull moment with puzzle type clues to uncover and checking the clothes of the suspects.


As with most games there is a severe consequence of getting hooked, You can’t play all the time. As Criminal Case requires Stars and Energy for the rookie Policeman to solve the cases even faster. However instead of waiting for the next day has compiled a list of cheats to help you survive the game:

1.  Go to home feed, collect as much orange juice (3 juice) and one (1) potato chip. 

2.  To gain 7-8 energy, take on the forensic kits, solve it in a minute or less! And if you’re lucky, you will be able to gain 9 energy. 

3.  To get more energy, you need to get 5 stars in one crime scene. And to maximize your energy, solve and progress in the cases faster.

4.  Get your friends to work with you.  For players who’s into the game regularly, you can request for gifts and cards. 

5. There is no limit on collecting the chips and juice so take it in order to complete your  collection of heart and spade. 

6.  Of course, you have to play the game regularly for the daily bonus. And for your rookie cop to get those meals!

7. There are apps also developed to get more energy. You can try the Free Energy Generator


So instead of wasting some dollars, those bill they ask you to pay to gain more energy, take those criminal case cheats. It is for free and you’ll buy more time for those cases. So go now Detective and get more time on those cases to apprehend the killers!

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