Super Mario Run Review and Game Guide

This was the most anticipated iPhone and iPad game. This game is a little different from the traditional one. The changes can seem awkward at first, mostly if you are used to having several buttons as well as a direction pad. This game blends the classic two-dimensional gameplay with three-dimensional graphics. This is a single-handed, one-tap game and Mario sprints through all the levels.

super mario
Source: IGN

You will tap to jump. However, there are new tricks on this. Mario can do simpler tasks on his own, for example, climbing over short ledges, and when he encounters a common enemy, he will just vault over it on his own. Alternatively, you can tap at the point of contact, make a stylish leap and earn a coin in the process. Furthermore, there are also new pause blocks on the floor that automatically make Mario stop, and gives you a chance to assess the hazard ahead, together with blocks that spring Mario ahead or into the air when you tap.

Even though this game has simple interactions, the stages are full of complications as well as hazards. The world tour has courses that include tougher end-world levels with boss battles. Even though all these are based on familiar themes and play mechanics from the Super Mario series, the actual levels are new creations for this specific game.

This game is available for download on any IOS or Android device.

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